Theeeeeeee Oh Sees!

The concert I’ve been anticipating most is here! (Thee) Oh Sees are playing the Variety Playhouse tonight and I am psyched. In my opinion, the best new psychedelic rock band out there. Their live performances look incredible. Check it out.



2/12/15: Awesome Color & Thee Oh Sees

Well alright! I’m back in the super psychedelic garage – where a lot of the music I love originates. There’s still a great groove going, I’m gonna stay here all weekend!

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Here’s the playlist, which concluded with the Compare/Contrast feature of Awesome Color and Thee Oh Sees. Woo hoo!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Perfect Time – Archers Of Loaf

Hurricane Heart Attack – The Warlocks

Retreat – Hookworms

What’s Forsaken – The Black Ryder

Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind? – Tame Impala

All Is Burning – Elephant Stone

Every Time You Go – The Devlins

Mysterious Friends – The Grifters

Let Me Know – The Cynics

Out Here In The Middle Of Nowhere – Drivin’ N’ Cryin’

No One Is Gonna Do It For You – The Hellacopters

Burnished – White Denim

Let Me Take You Through My Thought Process – Kinski

Fireball – Sun Dial

Cold Bitch – Soundgarden

Third-Day-To-Forever – Sugartooth

Moon Baby – Godsmack

Change (In The House Of Flies) – Deftones

You Think I Ain’t Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A Millionaire – Desert Sessions

Transparent – Awesome Color

Hat Energy – Awesome Color

Tidal Wave – Thee Oh Sees

Lupine Dominus – Thee Oh Sees

Eyes Of Light – Awesome Color

Maze Fancier – Thee Oh Sees

Transparent World – Thee Oh Sees

IOU – Awesome Color



Sounds From The Superpsychedelic Garage

The superpsychedelic garage. That’s where a lot of the music I love originates.

Exhibit A: Thee Oh Sees.
Exhibit B: Awesome Color.

These two bands are the subject of the Compare/Contrast feature on the Fuzz Factory with Brett Callero this week. Listen to the Fuzz Factory with Brett Callero, THURSDAY from 8-10 PM (EST) on SCAD-Atlanta Radio (

Both bands make great videos too. Check it.