Once Again, No Fuzz Tonight

That’s right, no Fuzz Factory tonight. Research and development will take precedent on this night. However, exciting news, find me on Mixcloud and listen to playlists from past episodes of the Fuzz Factory. I have 40 posted so far.



No Fuzz Tonight

Yep, there’s no Fuzz Factory tonight. Sorry about that I wanted to have a prerecorded show prepared for you tonight. Unfortunately, that did not happen. There will be a show next week and the one after even though I will be traveling. I am visiting five cities over the next four weeks. Kansas City, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington DC and finally back home in Chicago.

Make sure to tune into the Fuzz Factory 7/20 and 7/27 for three hours of prerecorded Fuzz Factory. I’ll be listening, it’ll be weird and awesome.

Since there is no Fuzz Factory tonight, I added a link to a classic, check it out…


See You Next Week

Hello – I just realized I never posted the playlist from last week. I am also here to announce that I will not have a show tonight. Back next week. Back even sooner with that playlist.

In the meantime, enjoy some People Mover, by the one and only People Mover, a band of sasquatches.

You’re welcome.