Melvins At The End

Tonight’s Fuzz Factory features plenty of great rock & roll including a set of four songs from the Melvins at the end.

Aw yeah.

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5/18/17: Kings & Queens


The latest Fuzz Factory featured a royal-like legacy of songs that have king or queen in the title. Presenting the Kings & Queens special feature.

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Join the Fuzz Factory, listen in and rock out. Here’s the playlist:

– – – – – – – – – – –

King For A Day – Faith No More

Queen Of You – Monster Magnet

Boogie King – Screamin’ Cheetah Wheelies

Nasty Dogs And Funky Kings – ZZ Top

Mississippi Queen – Mountain

Speed King – Deep Purple

All The King’s Friends – Soul Asylum

God Killed The Queen – Louis XIV

Woman King – Iron & Wine

King Of You – Wilco

King Of Misery – The Godfathers

Kings And Queens – Aerosmith

Planet Queen (Acoustic Version) – T. Rex

Killer Queen – Queen

A Farewell To Kings – Rush

King – King’s X

Cover Queen – Tesla

King Of The Night Time World – Kiss

Queen For A Day – The Jesus Lizard

Queen – Melvins

Roller Queen (Live) – Naked Raygun

King Of Kings – Motörhead

The Queen – Bang

Queen Of Sorrow – Black Label Society

King Richard The Lion Heart – Masters Of Reality

Queens Will Play – Black Mountain

King Of Birds – R.E.M.

Little Queen – Heart

Deep Purple & Aerosmith

Tonight on the Fuzz Factory, I’m gonna feature a couple of heavy hitters at the end of the show. Aerosmith and Deep Purple. Gonna only feature the prime years, when they were young, hungry and filled with toxins.

Beyond that, I’ve got plenty of great rock & roll to play for you. Including brand new songs from Ty Segall and The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

Here’s a taste of what you could hear…

9/15/16: Thee Hypnotics & Sun Dial


This week the Fuzz Factory featured music from two bands that were well ahead of their time. Thee Hypnotics and Sun Dial (both from the UK) made most of their music in the very late 80’s and early to mid 90’s. They both floated against the grain by playing a style of music that would be often imitated and popularized by other bands in subsequent years.

Thee Hypnotics were definitely a precursor to the now well known fuzz rock/stoner rock sound. Sun Dial were creating their own prolific brand of space rock/psychedelic hard rock at a time when the world was listening to different things. As I said before, these are two bands that Fuzz Factory listeners should get to know. Even though they’re singled out this week as they subjects of the compare/contrast feature , both bands are permanently in regular Fuzz Factory rotation. Rock on!

Here’s the playlist:

– – – – – – – – – –

Drawback – Gomer Pyle

Melody Lane – Uncle Acid

Constellations – Black Mountain

Little Vice – Urge Overkill

Forget You – Royal Thunder

Switch Opens – Soundgarden

Double Day – The Afghan Whigs

Dirty Goodbyes – Verbena

The Vampyre Of Time And Memory – Queens Of The Stone Age

Shame Chamber – Kurt Vile

Long Term Exit Strategy – Kinski

Steam Powered Man – The Velcro Lewis Group

Waterpark – Royal Trux

Jammed Entrance – Thee Oh Sees

Heavy Liquid – Thee Hypnotics

Coast To Coast – Thee Hypnotics

Release The Feeling – Thee Hypnotics

Soul Accelerator – Thee Hypnotics

Astral Vision – Sun Dial

I Don’t Mind – Sun Dial

Fireball (EP Version) – Sun Dial

Nova – Sun Dial