12/14/17: Final Show Of 2017


2017 is nearing it’s end. I think we’re gonna survive it too. I think 2016 did a good job of bracing us. We were prepared for a shitty 2017. On a related or unrelated note (depending on your perspective), the Fuzz Factory this week was a bit heavy on the psychedelics. Hehe.

At the end of the show I had a brief tribute to Pat DiNizio (The Smithereens) and Malcolm Young (AC/DC). Rest in peace.

Here’s the playlist. Catch you on the flip side, in 2018.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Whatever Hippie Bitch – The Brian Jonestown Massacre

The Holy Mountain – The Auras

Gonna Live – The Ghost Wolves

Pinkman – Stay

Hearts On Fire – Black Cab

Thoughts In My Mind – Kingdom Of The Holy Sun

She’s Broken – The Ponys

Way Out West – Verbena

Voyage Into Dreams – Jeff The Brotherhood

King Of Mars – Monster Magnet

Third Eye Surgery – Baby Woodrose

Lies From You – CKY

Cold Dark Place – Mastodon

Take Me Down – The Pretty Reckless

Never Fade – Sun Dial

A Trick With No Sleeve – Alain Johannes, Dave Grohl & Joshua Homme

Mile Markers – The Dead Weather

Puppet On A String – Night Beats

Sing Along – The Spyrals

Honolulu Nights – Sick Hyenas

Blues Before & After – The Smithereens

House We Used To Live In – The Smithereens

Behind The Wall Of Sleep – The Smithereens

Girls Got Rhythm – AC/DC

Sin City – AC/DC

Ride On – AC/DC


Masters Of The Obvious Sexual Innuendo

Tune into the Fuzz Factory TONIGHT from 8-11 PM (EST). Tonight, I compare/contrast AC/DC and Kiss. Why? Well, they’re both two bands from my earliest record buying days. As a kid, I bought vinyl from both bands. Also, as a young boy, it’s easy to see how both bands caught my attention with their looks and hooks. I still remember listening to Kiss albums after Cub Scout meetings. Kiss and AC/DC grabbed my ear with their riffs. Especially those from AC/DC, who are far superior musicians overall.

In addition, it’s so true. Neither AC/DC and Kiss are known for their sophisticated lyrical content. In fact, they’re masters of the obvious sexual innuendo as well. Sometimes it’s good to just say fuck it to eloquent language. Seems right for a hot summer night.