6/14/17: Old School Psychedelic Rock


“You got that rainbow feel, but the rainbow has a beard.”

This week the Fuzz Factory was filled with the expansive and sometimes strangely experimental sounds of early psychedelic rock. I tried to touch on many variations of this new and emerging sound of the 60’s and early 70’s. I discovered some brand new songs in my research for this show and dropped them in the playlist. Mixed in with a few classics (like the one I quoted above) are some really rare tracks. Hope you enjoyed it if you were listening and if you didn’t, look closely at the playlist and discover some of these artist for yourself.

Here’s the playlist:

– – – – – – – – – – –

I Can See For Miles – The Who

You Talk Sunshine I Breathe Fire – The Amboy Dukes

50,000 Miles Beneath My Brain – Ten Years After

What Would You Do If The Sun Died – The Flock

Nature’s Way – Spirit

Live And Let Live – Love

Franklin’s Tower – The Grateful Dead

All Or Nothing – Small Faces

Sherlock Holmes – The Red Crayola

Motherless Child – Sweetwater

We Can Be Together – Jefferson Airplane

I Feel The Same Way Too – The Open Mind

SWLABR – Cream

Electricity – Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band

You Know – Stone Coal White

Ice Cold Daydream – Shuggie Otis

Sing A Simple Song – Sly & The Family Stone

Climb Up On My Music – Rodriguez

Sunshine Superman – Donovan

Lalena – Deep Purple

Morning Dew – Duane & Gregg Allman

Wondering What Everyone Knows – Budgie

How Does It Feel To Feel? – Creation

I Cannot Stop You – The Cherry Slush

Makin’ Love – Dirty Shames

Pushin’ Too Hard – The Seeds

Inside Looking Out – The Animals

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor – The Yardbirds

Thoughts – The Truth

Love You To – The Beatles

Pretty Big Mouth – The Count Five

Hard Times All Over – The Boyz

I’ll Make You Pay – The Shady Daze

Faster Than The Speed Of Life – Steppenwolf

Silver Machine – Hawkwind

Sleeping For Years – Atomic Rooster

Enjoy Yourself – Dragonfly

I Wouldn’t Have Thought (Gophers Song) – Steamhammer

Soul Kitchen (Live) – The Doors

Spinning Wheel – Blonde On Blonde

Eight Miles High – The Byrds

Room Full Of Mirrors – Jimi Hendrix

Astronomy Domine – Pink Floyd

6/8/17: Three Hours Full Of Fuzz Rock


Summer break began this week around here at SCAD-Atlanta. That means the Fuzz Factory has resumed summer hours. That’s right, three hours, one extra hour of rock and roll. A good way to kick off summer is with a big dose of Fuzz Rock and that’s exactly what happened. Thursday night, I played three hours of songs filled with the thickest, fattest riffs and the spaciest grooves. Listeners of this show know what that’s all about.

Tune into the Fuzz Factory on SCAD-Atlanta Radio (www.scadatlantaradio.org) Thursday nights from 8-11 PM (EST). I’ll be back next week. I will be doing some traveling this summer, so I will not be in the radio studio every Thursday night. I’ll make sure to announce here when those days are.

In the meantime, get ready, here comes the playlist:

– – – – – – – – – – –

Waiting On The Western World – Karma To Burn

Fool’s Paradise – The Hazytones

Centaur Rodeo – Valley Of The Sun

Mexicola – Queens Of The Stone Age

A.W. – 1000mods

Valley Of The Snake – Ruby The Hatchet

Bullhead’s Psalm/The Sweetest Curse – Baroness

Steambreather – Mastodon

Bring On The Diesel – Gomer Pyle

Scatagoria – Masters Of Reality

Phantom Limb – Alice In Chains

Throw Up – Red Fang

Oliver Haddo – Blood Ceremony

Don’t Get Too Desperate – Greenbeard

That Ain’t The Way – Null Result

The Orchestrator – Bullet

One Way…Or Another – Cactus

Too Hot To Handle – UFO

30 Days In The Hole – Humble Pie

Freewheelin – Truckfighters

The Mothership Has Landed – System 13

Over The Edge (Live) – Fu Manchu

Pulse – Nebula

Bone Mountain – Arrowhead

Cries From The Midnight Express – The Pretty Things

The Rover – Led Zeppelin

Jack the Stripper/Fairies Wear Boots – Black Sabbath

Just For Kicks – Salem’s Pot

Tangy Zizzle – Kyuss

The Druid – Sleep

Slaves And Bulldozers – Soundgarden





6/1/17: Gregg Allman


Last week I featured Gregg Allman on the Fuzz Factory. Living here in Atlanta, the legacy of the Allman Brothers looms large. The Allman Brothers have reunited after all these years.

Here’s the playlist:

– – – – – – – – –

Dive – Nirvana

Barrel – Sugartooth

Locomotive – Mad Season

Feeling Better – Sugar

Doesn’t Remind Me – Audioslave

Disenchanted Lullabye – Foo Fighters

Missing Pieces – Jack White

Arabian Heights – The Afghan Whigs

Marshal Dear – Savages

See Forever – Indian Jewelry

Torture – The Cure

No Girl So Sweet – PJ Harvey

Super Sex – Morphine

FBI – Psychic Ills

R U Mine? – Arctic Monkeys

Until The End – The Deaf Commission

Hang Me In Heaven – Grim Tower

Reach Down – Temple Of The Dog

Learn & Burn – The Sheepdogs

Like A Drug (Instrumental) – Desert Sessions

Midnight Rider – Gregg Allman

Devil Got My Woman – Gregg Allman

Dreams – The Allman Brothers Band

God Rest His Soul – Duane And Gregg Allman

5/25/17: Morphine


Last week my special feature on the Fuzz Factory was the one and only Morphine. A three piece band from Boston led by vocalist/bass player, Mark Sandman. I was fortunate to have seen Morphine in concert five times way back in the 1990’s. Mark Sandman tragically died of a heart attack mid-performance in 1999. In case you’re not familiar, Morphine featured drums, saxophone and bass guitar. That might not seem like much but it was so much more than the sum of it’s parts. Morphine’s sound was low and thick. In my not so humble opinion, Morphine was the greatest rock & roll band without a guitar that ever was! The feature also included Treat Her Right, a band led by Mark Sandman before he formed Morphine. I also played a song from Twinemen, a band featuring the surviving members of Morphine.

No particular reason to feature Morphine this week. Perhaps because it’s the end of the school year and I’m in search of a cure for pain.

Listen to the Fuzz Factory, Thursdays from 8-10 PM (EST) on SCAD-Atlanta Radio (www.scadatlantaradio.org).

Here’s the playlist:

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Douchebags On Parade – Mudhoney

Away – Toadies

Dead End Friends – Them Crooked Vultures

Mind Your Manners – Pearl Jam

Little Cream Soda – The White Stripes

Gold – Mount Carmel

Faith To Believe – Liquid Jesus

Burn In Hell – Tenderloin

Point Of View – The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Troubled Land – King Loser

Mexican Radio – Polvo

Guilt – Smoke

All Tricked Out – Leslie

Fresh Blood – Eels

Duna – Nap

Gathering Of Ancient Tribes – Goat

Copernicus – The Afghan Whigs

I Wanna Be Your Friend Again – Concrete Blonde

Turn Me Loose – The Record Company

Hitched – The Kills

Sharp Sounds – The Sheepdogs

I Think She Likes Me – Treat Her Right

You Don’t Need Money – Treat Her Right

Spinner – Twinemen

You Speak My Language – Morphine

Moons Of Jupiter – Morphine

All Wrong (Live) – Morphine

Yes – Morphine

5/11/17: Luna & Galaxie 500


Last week the Fuzz Factory the special feature was the solid yet atmospheric sound of Luna & Galaxie 500. Dean Wareham, seen staring into space in the photo above, is the guitarist/vocalist for both bands.

Check out the playlist and check out the Fuzz Factory. Thursdays 8-10 PM (EST) on SCAD-Atlanta Radio (www.scadatlantaradio.org). Here’s that playlist…

– – – – – – – – – – – –

On We Go – Ten Foot Wizard

Lawless Lands – The Sword

Show Yourself – Mastodon

Devil Man – Filthy Lucre

Deep Inside My Heart – Rock City Angels

Stay With Me – T.S.O.L.

Peace Dog (original version) – The Cult

N.I.B. – Brownout

I Dreamt – The Black Angels

Let It Go – Sun Dial

Beehive – Mark Lanegan

It Don’t Have To Be – Maids Of Gravity

Take Care (To Comb Your Hair) – Ty Segall

People Of The Sky – Sloan

What You Isn’t – The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Run – Supergrass

Things Are Gonna Be Alright – Acetone

From A Motel 6 – Yo La Tengo

Dear Diary – Luna

Blue Thunder – Galaxie 500

Pictures – Galaxie 500

The Alibi – Luna

Don’t Let Our Youth Go To Waste – Galaxie 500

IHOP – Luna

Freakin And Peakin – Luna




5/4/17: Soundgarden, Brant Bjork & The Black Angels


Soundgarden, Brant Bjork & The Black Angels, Why these three particular artists? Other than the fact they all are awesome? Well, it’s because I saw all three in concert last week. Yes, it was an exhausting and euphoric week filled with the highest highs and the lowest lows.

Make sure to tune into the Fuzz Factory every Thursday from 8-10 PM (EST) on SCAD-Atlanta Radio (www.scadatlantaradio.org).

So here’s the playlist, yo.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Stoned And Drunk  – Black Label Society

The Deep – Red Fang

Sultan’s Curse – Mastodon

Between Me And The Ground – Dead Weather

Wither – Elephant Tree

Circles – Flowerhead

Nocturne – Mark Lanegan Band

Separator – Radiohead

Reality In Motion – Tame Impala

Shelter Song – Temples

Come On Over – Royal Blood

Gonna Live – The Ghost Wolves

Girl, You Have No Faith In Medicine – The White Stripes

All Your Lies – Soundgarden

No Wrong No Right – Soundgarden

Mind Riot – Soundgarden

No Attention – Soundgarden

Low Desert Punk – Brant Bjork

Punk Rock Guilt – Brant Bjork

Luvin’ – Brant Bjork

We Don’t Serve Their Kind – Brant Bjork & The Low Desert Punk Band

Currency – The Black Angels

Entrance Song – The Black Angels

You On The Run – The Black Angels

Black Grease – The Black Angels

4/20/17: Some Extra Headspace


This week the Fuzz Factory provided listeners with plenty of headspace for 420. Yes, even more than a typical episode. This week I really stretched it out. Playing almost exclusively long songs. The outer space factor was very present as well. It’s fun to play long songs like these. As you know, I will drop long songs into the show almost every week. However, an entire show? Of course! However, for one to appreciate a whole show of this once must reach inward for some extra headspace.

Here’s the playlist for the Extra Headspace special feature.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Mimesis – Gomer Pyle

Circles – Elephant Tree

Defender Of The Oleander – Brant Bjork

Unending Night – Verma

Down Through The Night – Hawkwind

Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun – Pink Floyd

Alright – Maids Of Gravity

Crawl Out From The Fall Out – Thee Oh Sees

Everybody Daylight – Brightblack Morning Light

The Narrows – Dead Meadow

(Over And Over) The Chain – Black Mountain

At The Stake – Melvins

Doob Interlude – Down

Magnu – Harvestman

Look To Your Orb For The Warning – Monster Magnet

Romany Dagger – All Them Witches

Planet Caravan – Black Sabbath

No Quarter – Led Zeppelin