Rolling Stones Concert Photos

Here are some pictures from the Rolling Stones concert last night. It certainly was a spectacle. I was quite impressed. They’re moving around like they always did, just a little bit slower.

Don’t forget, this Thursday, the Fuzz Factory is dedicated to the longevity and influence of the Rolling Stones. The show will feature their songs, songs they covered and cover versions of their songs. It’s also the first three hour show of the year. Summertime is great Fuzz Factory time. Listen Thursdays from 8-11 PM (EST) on SCAD-Atlanta Radio (









Stranded In Macon With The Fuzz Factory Blues

















As you know, the Fuzz Factory was cancelled at the last minute last week. I was traveling at about 70 MPH on I-16 when my alternator kicked the bucket. All the gauges died and the radio went on and off. It was like there was a ghost in the machine. I barely was able to get off the interstate and lost total power just as I made it to the bottom of the exit ramp. As you can see from the image above, I was stranded and ending up getting towed to car dealership service department. After waiting around until 3 PM the next day, I was finally able to get back on the road to Atlanta.

I was stranded in Macon with the Fuzz Factory blues.

Last week I was supposed to feature cover songs. Now it will be this week. Tune into SCAD-Atlanta Radio ( this Thursday from 8-11 PM (EST) for the latest Cover Song Spectacular! Get ready, it’s gonna be great.

Fighting Trucks

Truckfighter at Truck Stop

Last week I was on the road fighting trucks. Not really, but I realized I was wearing this shirt and had to take a photo at a truck stop. I had to get back on the road quick, I didn’t want to have to explain that my shirt is the name of a band from Sweden to a group of angry truckers.

The Fuzz Factory returns next Thursday night from 8-11 PM (EST) on SCAD-Atlanta Radio. Be there. Get your real rock & roll fix.

The Fuzz Factory with Brett Callero, saving rock & roll radio – one week at a time.