No Fuzz Tonight – Listen To This!

That’s right, no Fuzz Factory tonight, and next week as well. Research and development will take precedent on these evenings. However, exciting news, find me on Mixcloud and listen to playlists from past episodes of the Fuzz Factory. I have 40 posted so far.



8/24/17 Fuzz Factory Eclipse Mix


As I posted about last week, I’m putting my Fuzz Factory spin on this whole eclipse mix soundtrack music thing. So I did. Playing three hours of great rock and roll featuring songs with sun, moon or eclipse in the title, as simple as that.

Also, there may or may not be a Fuzz Factory the next two weeks and three of the next four weeks. I will be conducting research and development at rock & roll concerts. I may have episodes ready, we may’ve reruns and there may be  no shows at all. Sorry, I cannot give a definitive answer. Regardless, I’ll be back in the studio on 9/14 with plenty of brand new music to play.

Here’s the Eclipse Mix playlist. Rock and roll, let’s go!

– – – – – – – – – –

Mothers Of The Sun – Black Mountain 

Third Man On The Moon – Masters Of Reality

Eclipse – Yngwie Malmsteen

Total Eclipse – Iron Maiden

Children Of The Sun – Hawkwind

Hide From The Sun – Goat

Ride The Sun – Mothership

Moon Baby – Godsmack

Unseen Eclipses – P2ten

People Of The Sun – Rage Against The Machine

Excessive Moonlight – Indian Jewelry

Staring At The Sun – TV On The Radio

The Killing Moon – Echo & The Bunnymen

Marquee Moon – Television

Looking At The Sun – Matthew Sweet

Black Moon Creeping – The Black Crowes

Total Eclipse Of The Heart – Stickboy

Sun Medallion – King Tuff

Sinking With The Sun – The Raveonettes

Setting Sun – Elephant Stone

Up On The Sun – Meat Puppets

Blinding Sun – Mudhoney

Drowning Sun – Love Battery

Staring At The Sun… – Smile

Tahitian Moon – Porno For Pyros

Stare Into The Sun – Imperial Drag

Red Red Sun – INXS

Behind The Sun – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Ain’t No Sunshine – Harlem Underground

Total Eclipse Of The Sun – Footsteps

Sister Moon – The Front

Black Sun Morning – Screaming Trees

Sun Dance – Tomahawk

Supermoon – The Heavy Eyes

Once More ‘Round The Sun – Mastodon

My God Is The Sun – Queens Of The Stone Age

Violence Of The Sun – Wolfmother

Brain Damage/Eclipse – The Woods

8/17/17: Awareness and Escapism


As I mentioned in my previous post, I couldn’t decide which direction to go. Should I go serious and play protest music and music addressing the issues of the day? Should I go light and play music that’s an escape from the issues? I decided to go in both directions. Frequent listeners know this is a big tent rock & roll show. Lots of room in here for both ends of the spectrum. This show was all about awareness AND escapism.

Oh, and yes it’s true. The South IS too fat to rise again.

Here is the playlist:

– – – – – – – – – – –

Scum – Meat Puppets

Whispering World – Royal Thunder

The South´s Too Fat To Rise Again – Nashville Pussy

Fat Side Up – Tenderloin

Ride The Sky – Mondo Drag

How Did We Get So Dark? – Royal Blood

Sweet Sour – Band Of Skulls

Fool You – King’s X

Harakiri – The Ponys

Dance Pt. 3 – Moon Duo

Western Metaphor – Psychic Ills

Hunt Me Down – The Black Angels

All My Own Stunts – Arctic Monkeys

NPWA – Billy Bragg

The System – Carbon/Silicon

War Pigs – Faith No More

Peace Sells – Megadeth

Roll Right – Rage Against The Machine

The System – The Black Pacific

American Idiot – Green Day

Unacceptable – Bad Religion

White Riot – The Clash

Engines – Mutts

Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle – Nirvana

When I Was Yesterday – The Brian Jonestown Massacre

The Words That Maketh Murder – PJ Harvey

When She Goes Out – Jucifer

Effigy – Urge Overkill

Jonestown – Concrete Blonde

Drunk On Destruction – Mark Lanegan Band

66 – The Afghan Whigs

Standing In the Way Of Control – Gossip

Dig In – Lenny Kravitz

This Side Of Love – Terence Trent D’Arby

Attracted To You – Terence Trent D’Arby

It’s Your Life – Lenny Kravitz

Vibrator – Terence Trent D’Arby

She Kissed Me – Terence Trent D’Arby

In My Life Today – Lenny Kravitz

What Goes Around Comes Around – Lenny Kravitz




Going Both Directions

I couldn’t decide what to play tonight. Definitely a tougher time than usual. I was split in many directions. Should I go serious and play protest music and music addressing the issues of the day? Should I go light and play music that is an escape from the issues? I decided to go in both directions. Frequent listeners know this is a big tent rock & roll show. Lots of room in here for both ends of the spectrum. We’ll definitely have that tonight.

Tune in tonight from 8-11 PM (EST) on SCAD-Atlanta Radio ( Here’s a taste of each of those directions.

8/10/17: Return From The Road


My summer tour has concluded. Over the last 4 weeks I’ve visited the following cities: Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago, Cincinnati, Louisville, Washington D.C., Baltimore and Philadelphia. It was three different trip taken almost back to back to back. I did lots of urban exploration and even pasted up some of my street art in Kansas City and Louisville.

There was not much time to prepare for the Fuzz Factory this week. Needless to say, I whipped up a batch of good stuff to play for my dedicated rock & roll listeners. There was a loose theme happening too, about the road. You’ll see that mixed into the playlist.

Speaking of that playlist, here it is.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Are You Ready? – The Delta 72

Bellbottoms – The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

How Can A Man With So Many Friends Feel So Alone – Eagles Of Death Metal

Don’t Pretend You Didn’t Know – Dinosaur Jr.

Goodnight – Sweetapple

How It Starts – The Features

Light As A Feather – The Afghan Whigs

King Of The Road – Fu Manchu

Overdrive – Flowerhead

City Of Hate – The Toadies

Kiss The Sun – The Atomic Bitchwax

Higher Time – Electric Citizen

Three Day Road – Birth Of Joy

Encrypted Bounce – Thee Oh Sees

Moth Wings – Pond

Galactic Fugitives – Rubble Road

You Can’t Quit Me, Baby (Live) – Queens Of The Stone Age

Heads Will Roll – The Upper Crust

Oye Vaya – Earl Greyhound

Let The Truth Be Known – Brant Bjork & The Bros

Travelin’ Man’s Blues – Nebula

Gravel Road – Clutch

On The Road Again – Canned Heat

Traveler – Screaming Trees

The Roman Road – Super Furry Animals

Let’s Take A Trip Together – Morphine

Who’s Producing You? – Ty Segall

Road To Rouen – Supergrass

Charlotte Rose – The Suede Brothers

Thus Spoke Candieking – Haiabusa

Road Of Gold – T.S.O.L.

Tranny Takes A Trip – Salem’s Pot

To Travel The Path Unknown – Goat

Hit The Road Jack – Big Youth

Farther On Down The Road – Taj Mahal