12/1/16: O Canada


Three things factored into my choice of theme this past week:

  1. My visit to Vancouver in August.
  2. The election of President Douchebag in the United States of America.
  3. It’s December. Canada is cold.

I’m not going anywhere, but many are talking about an exodus to Canada. Therefore, I thought I’d dedicate this episode to the rock & roll of Canada. So –  take off to the Great White North! The great nation of Canada. My second favorite country in the world.

I’ve always said much of Canadian rock & roll borders on cheese. Some cheese tastes great. Some just stinks. To elaborate, there’s been a lot of cheesy rock & roll made up north way. Canada is known for a few things in rock & roll. High pitched frontmen, the power trio and of course, Nickelback. I played some cheese, tastes great! However, I believe my taste strayed away from the stinkiest of Canadian cheese. There will be no Nickelback, no Barenaked Ladies, nor the damn Crash Test Dummies either! Can’t go there, not even in an ironic way.

Here’s the playlist – three hours of the finest Canadian rock & roll.

– – – – – – – – –

If It Feels Good Do It – Sloan

I’m An Adult Now – Pursuit Of Happiness

The Nights Of Wine And Roses – Japandroids

Suffocate – 13 Engines

Cinderella Man – Rush

Poets – The Tragically Hip

Big Brown Turtle – Junkhouse

The Oaf – Big Wreck

Time Goes By – Triumph

Roller – April Wine

True Life Hero – Klaatu

No Time – The Guess Who

Signs – Five Man Electrical Band

The Loner – Neil Young

I Am Here – The Grapes Of Wrath

It Falls Apart – Odds

She Says What She Means – Sloan

Dirty Weapons – Killer Dwarfs

Hangman – Sheavy

A Passage To Bangkok (Live) – Rush

This Beat Goes On / Switching’ To Glide – The Kings

Born To Die – King Khan & The Shrines

Cold Criminals – Pink Mountaintops

Orpheus Light – Grim Tower

Constellations – Black Mountains

People Of The Sky – Sloan

Old Man – Neil Young

Suddenly / Baby, I Won’t Do You No Harm / We’ll Get There / I Should Know – The Sheepdogs

Cordelia – The Tragically Hip

Loaded Gun – Lightning Dust

Set Us Free (Remix) – Black Mountain

The Birdman – Our Lady Peace

One More Astronaut – I Mother Earth

Circumstances – Rush

Take Me To The Top – Loverboy

Strange Dreams – Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush

New Girl Now – Honeymoon Suite

Lunatic Fringe – Red Rider



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