O Canada

Tonight we take off to the Great White North. The great nation of Canada. Inspired by two things, my visit to Vancouver in August and the election of President Douchebag in America. I’m not going anywhere, but many are talking about an exodus to Canada. Therefore, I thought I’d dedicate this episode to the rock & roll of Canada.

Canada is known for a few things in rock & roll. High pitched frontmen, the power trio and of course, Nickelback. Tonight, you’ll get some of that and more! Listen TONIGHT from 8-11 PM (EST) for three hours of the finest Canadian rock & roll. Check out the video samples below for a taste of what you might hear tonight.

There will be no Nickelback, no Barenaked Ladies or the damn Crash Test Dummies either! Can’t go there, not even in an ironic way.


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