11/4/16: Night & Day – Part 2


Part two featured day songs. Here’s the playlist.

– – – – – – – – –

Good Day Sunshine – The Beatles

Day After Day – Badfinger

First Drag Of The Day – Bob Mould

Seize The Day – Adam Franklin

The Day Brings – Brad

Dream All Day – The Posies

Just For Today – The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Those Days Are Over – The Godfathers

These Days – Foo Fighters

Days Of The Week – Stone Temple Pilots

Halcyon Days – Screamin’ Cheetah Wheelies

Where Has The Day Gone – Sweet Water

A Thousand Days Before – Soundgarden

Dancing Days – Led Zeppelin

Another Tricky Day – The Who

Days And Days – Concrete Blonde

Day Of The Eagle – Robin Trower

Have A Lucky Day (Live) – Morphine

One Day – The Verve

Independence Day – Elliott Smith

Beautiful Day – Mellowdrone

Torture Day – The Notwist

One Long Day – Chris Whitley

Dirty Day – U2

Something About Today – Screaming Trees

Queen For A Day – The Jesus Lizard

King For A Day – Faith No More


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