5/5/16: Instrumental Rock & Roll


This week the Fuzz Factory premiered a new feature, the Instrumental Rock & Roll Show. All instrumental music. The only voice heard was mine. We all got our groove on without all those silly lyrics in the way. Sometimes it’s better that way.

The Instrumental Rock & Roll Show is definitely a feature I will have again down the road. Here’s the playlist.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Orion – Metallica

Romany Dagger – All Them Witches

All In Death Is Sweet – Low Pop Suicide

Space Eyes – Drivin ‘N’ Cryin

Surf Roach – Izzy Stradlin

Space Invader – The Pretenders

Red Beans n’ Reverb – Southern Culture On The Skids

Very Rare – The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Aqua Beard – Ten East

Wysiwyg – Clutch

Down With The Swirl – The Atomic Bitchwax

Thirty Two – Karma To Burn

Greensky Greenlake – Dead Meadow

November Hotel – Mad Season

La Mer – Nine Inch Nails

Feeding Frenzy – Darediablo

The Innocent Criminal – Grassy Knoll

Transitions – The Beastie Boys

Baby Sitar (Drummer Of Your Dreams Mix) – Morcheeba

Duck And Cover – The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Area 51 – The Charlatans

Clownmaster – Sugar

Frail And Bedazzled (Instrumental Demo) – Smashing Pumpkins

Anarchic Breezes – Grim Tower

Silent Biker Type – Kinski





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