4/21/16: Dead Meadow & Wolfmother


It was another great rock & roll show this week in the Fuzz Factory. The compare/contrast feature was Dead Meadow and Wolfmother, two bands that definitely bring the fuzz. Dead Meadow (originally from Washington, DC) play a super psychedelic brand of fuzz. Wolf mother (from Sydney, Australia) has more of the classic riff rock brand of fuzz in their sound.

Please note, there will be no Fuzz Factory next week. The show will return 5/5/16.

Let’s get to the playlist.

– – – – – – – – – –

Strays – Jane’s Addiction

Time Machine – Royal Thunder

I’m Gonna Be Myself – The Sheepdogs

Living Zoo – Built To Spill

Setting Sun – Swervedriver

Styggo – The Dandy Warhols

No Wow – The Kills

Metalon – Chug

Tower Of Strength – The Mission

The Lane – Sleepy Sun

Slow Motion – Sun Dial

Make It Right – The Coathangers

Got A Woman – Eagles Of Death Metal

Decadent Garden – Nebula

Army Of Bono – Clutch

Lion’s Breath – Black Pussy

Limited Teeth – Mike & The Melvins

Only – Anthrax

Let’s Jump In – Dead Meadow

‘Till Kingdom Come – Dead Meadow

Push ‘Em To The Crux – Dead Meadow

Everything’s Goin On – Dead Meadow

Pilgrim – Wolfmother

I Ain’t Got No – Wolfmother

The Simple Life – Wolfmother

Love Train – Wolfmother



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