10/8/15: A Month Of Fuzz Rock (Part 4)

FF_3Well – this past week was the fourth installment of the Fuzz Factory reclamation project, a month full of Fuzz Rock. This past week was part for of this process. Wish I could spend more time chatting away about my life experiences but I can’t. Toooooo busy. So gotta let the music do all of the talking for now.

The Fuzz Factory with Brett Callero, 8-10 PM (EST) on SCAD-Atlanta Radio (www.scadatlantaradio.org). Saving rock & roll radio – one week at a time.

Here’s the playlist from part four:

– – – – – – – – –

Bullhead’s Psalm/The Sweetest Curse – Baroness

Rumors Of War – High On Fire

Beekeeper – Witch Mountain

Found Art – Big Business

Hyde Formula – Rosy Finch

Teen Dream – Chrome Locust

Goliath – Graveyard

Big Ass Beetle – Tank 86

Pieces – Tona

Explode My Life Again – Flaming Moe

Goin’ To The Mountain – Ufesas

On The Hunt – Dixie Witch

Cherry Red – Earthless

I Don’t Wanna Be A Soldier – Mad Season

Drawback – Gomer Pyle

Valley Of The Snake – Ruby The Hatchet

Hyperion – Windhand

Dragonaut – Sleep

I Control, I Fly – Monster Magnet

Treehorn – Greenleaf

Blue Helmet – Flood

Three Time Champion – Gonzalez

Loose Sutures – Fuzz



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