1/15/15: Greenhornes & Black Hollies

Welcome to the Fuzz Factory, a most supreme rock & roll parlor. This week, the relentless rock & roll groove marched forward. Looking forward to this year and what it may hold. That’s right, no looking back – no show about last year. I’ll probably post a “best of 2014” list, but I am not having an actual “best of 2014.” I’m glad 2014 is over and I’m already over 2014.

This week, the Fuzz Factory Compare/Contrast Feature (FFCCF) was between two American bands that play 21st century psychedelic rock. The Greenhornes (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Greenhornes) and The Black Hollies (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Black_Hollies) are those two bands and their music really sounds good weaved together. See the playlist below.

Listen to the Fuzz Factory, THURSDAY nights from 8-10 PM (EST) on SCAD-Atlanta Radio (www.scadatlantaradio.org).

– – – – – – – – – –

Space -Butthole Surfers

Welcome To The Fold – Filter

Waydown – Catherine Wheel

Sister Pain – Electrafixion

The Difference Between Us – The Dead Weather

I’m Mad – The Dead Weather

I Want It All – Eve’s Plum

Heavy – Collective Soul

Oye Vaya – Earl Greyhound

Operator – Triple Fast Action

Killing Floor (Get Down On It) – Verbena

Cursed Female – Porno For Pyros

Songs About Girls – Catherine

Long Whip/Big America – Corrosion Of Conformity

We Don’t Serve Their Kind – Brant Bjork & The Low Desert Punk Band

Harvest Home – Mark Lanegan Band

Bronze Cast – The Grifters

Bliss – Blues Pills

Burning Time – Rollover

If You Won’t Let Go – The Black Hollies

The Way It’s Meant To Be – The Greenhornes

Somewhere Between Here And Nowhere – The Black Hollies

Too Much Sorrow – The Greenhornes

Number Ten Girl – The Black Hollies

Pattern Skies – The Greenhornes

Paisley Pattern Ground – The Black Hollies

The End Of The Night – The Greenhornes 


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