9/18/14: Meat Puppets & Toadies

table setting 3The Meat Puppets and Toadies were served up fresh last week in the Compare/Contrast Feature on the Fuzz Factory. Two completely underrated rock & roll bands. Both are classic examples of why commercial rock & roll radio is terrible. Both bands have many albums but only one song on commercial radio. One song to get sick of and perhaps eventually hate. This happens not because of the song, but because of radio. That sucks for the artist and the listener. That’s why discerning music listeners gravitate to satellite or internet radio for shows like this one. The Fuzz Factory is here to play the other stuff.

Last week I also said the show was fried and electrified. Truth is that could be said about this show every week. We all know that.

Fried and electrified. I like that. Yeah, I like it a lot. Menu = playlist. Here’s what I served up for dinner:

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Black Grease – The Black Angels

Raise – Fuzz

Crybaby Blowout – Kinski

Overrated – Helmet

Slither – Velvet Revolver

Last Believer, Drop Dead – The Secret Machines

God Is On The Radio – Queens Of The Stone Age

Head – Mark Lanegan

Dance Pt. 3 – Moon Duo

Bag – White Lung

Dirty Water Ocean – Green Apple Quick Step

Win – Sweet Water

Prayer – Dramarama

Godfather – Rose Hill Drive

Cocainium – Baroness

Three Women – Jack White

Lake Of Fire – Nirvana

Straight Up And Down – The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Siva – Smashing Pumpkins

Space Eyes – Drivin’ N’ Cryin’

Scum – Meat Puppets

Waterfall – The Toadies

Nail It Down – Meat Puppets

Severed Goddess Hand – Meat Puppets

Backslider – The Toadies

Forbidden Places – Meat Puppets

Little Sin – The Toadies

One More – The Toadies


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