9/18/14: Meat Puppets & Toadies

table setting 3The Meat Puppets and Toadies were served up fresh last week in the Compare/Contrast Feature on the Fuzz Factory. Two completely underrated rock & roll bands. Both are classic examples of why commercial rock & roll radio is terrible. Both bands have many albums but only one song on commercial radio. One song to get sick of and perhaps eventually hate. This happens not because of the song, but because of radio. That sucks for the artist and the listener. That’s why discerning music listeners gravitate to satellite or internet radio for shows like this one. The Fuzz Factory is here to play the other stuff.

Last week I also said the show was fried and electrified. Truth is that could be said about this show every week. We all know that.

Fried and electrified. I like that. Yeah, I like it a lot. Menu = playlist. Here’s what I served up for dinner:

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Black Grease – The Black Angels

Raise – Fuzz

Crybaby Blowout – Kinski

Overrated – Helmet

Slither – Velvet Revolver

Last Believer, Drop Dead – The Secret Machines

God Is On The Radio – Queens Of The Stone Age

Head – Mark Lanegan

Dance Pt. 3 – Moon Duo

Bag – White Lung

Dirty Water Ocean – Green Apple Quick Step

Win – Sweet Water

Prayer – Dramarama

Godfather – Rose Hill Drive

Cocainium – Baroness

Three Women – Jack White

Lake Of Fire – Nirvana

Straight Up And Down – The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Siva – Smashing Pumpkins

Space Eyes – Drivin’ N’ Cryin’

Scum – Meat Puppets

Waterfall – The Toadies

Nail It Down – Meat Puppets

Severed Goddess Hand – Meat Puppets

Backslider – The Toadies

Forbidden Places – Meat Puppets

Little Sin – The Toadies

One More – The Toadies


Meat Puppets & Toadies For Dinner

Lately I have a taste for the underrated. That’s why I’m serving up some Meat Puppets & Toadies for dinner tonight. Listen for a set of each band tonight on the Fuzz Factory, 8-10 PM (EST) on SCAD-Atlanta Radio (www.scadatlantaradio.org).

Both courses are flown in daily from Phoenix, AZ and Forth Worth, TX and are served fried and electrified. Have a taste…

9/11/14: Big Fuzzy Big Heavy Big Groovy


Yeah, so last night my special feature was the sound of the Big Fuzzy Big Heavy Big Groovy. It was also my birthday and what a great birthday it was. My day ended right here in the Fuzz Factory for three hours of the big fuzzy, three hours of the big heavy and three hours of the big groovy. It was a great time, check out the playlist below to relive what you heard – or see what you missed.

It’s back to school time here at SCAD-Atlanta. Next week, the Fuzz Factory returns to the school year schedule of 8-10 PM (EST). Tune in for some of the best rock & roll on radio. Remember, if it’s too loud, you’re too old.

This playlist sure kicked some serious ass. Check it out below. Also, don’t forget to support the people that make this great music.
– – – – – – – – – – – –

Who Wants To Rock? – Clutch

Pure Rock Fury – Clutch

Mother Of All – She Loves Pablo

Just Try To Keep My Cool – Shoraiders

Avalanche – ASG

Anywhere But Here – Raging Slab

What’s Up Mr. Zero? – Sheavy

So Low – The Suede Brothers

Greed – The Mercy House

Piece Of Me – Skid Row

Clean My Wounds – Corrosion Of Conformity

Put You Down – Alice In Chains

Mind Control – Truckfighters

Solid Hex – Fu Manchu

Waiting On The Western World – Karma To Burn

Throw Up – Red Fang

Mailman – Soundgarden

Mondo Generator – Kyuss

The Unicorn – Comets On Fire

The Buddha – Motorcaster

Statement – Boris

The Lighter Side Of Global Terrorism – Jello Biafra & Melvins

Rollo – Helmet

Jambi – Tool

Jake Leg – Baroness

The Void – Nebula

For Whom The Bell Tolls – Metallica

The Drift – Big Business

The Death Of Coyote Woman – All Them Witches

Only – Anthrax

Blue Helmet – Flood

Feelgood Formula – Dozer

Blackout Driver – Roadsaw

Tread Lightly – Mastodon

The Bit – Melvins

Explode My Life Again – Flaming Moe

Planets 1 & 2 – Vista Chino

Big Fuzzy Big Heavy Big Groovy Big Birthday


XLV_cakeSo, you’re invited to my Big Fuzzy Big Heavy Big Groovy Rock & Roll Birthday Party.

Tune into the Fuzz Factory TONIGHT from 8-11 PM (EST). As you can see from the headline, it’s a big night for several reasons. So yeah, tonight is my 45th birthday. No shit. Yes, I’m getting old. Older but better. That in itself is a reason to turn the volume up and celebrate.

Also, the school year schedule resumes next week, therefore tonight is also the last 3 hour show of the summer. Three hours of the big fuzzy. Three hours of the big heavy. Three hours of the big groovy. That’s what tonight is all about. Get ready – it’s that kind of party. If it’s too loud, you’re too old.
Here is a sample of the sounds on tap tonight:


9/4/14: Classic Rock Cuts The Deepest

rock band names

I gotta admit, it’s been a strange week. Exhausting in an atypical way. All this left me without a grand plan for the playlist so a sense of forced inspiration was called upon. Throughout the week I was playing old music. Things from the 70’s or earlier. I thought about the concept of Classic Rock itself and how it’s become more and more typical in terms of what’s played on commercial radio. Unfortunately, the “deep cuts” are now only found on satellite radio and internet radio shows dedicated to the concept as a whole. With that in mind, I spontaneously put together my version of the deep cut concept.

Classic Rock cuts the deepest. The playlist is listed below.

Make sure to tune into the Fuzz Factory next Thursday (9/11) for the last 3 hour show of the summer. It’s also my birthday. That in itself is a reason to turn the volume up and celebrate. So you’re invited – be there for my birthday party. 9/11 from 8-11 PM on SCAD-Atlanta Radio (www.scadatlantaradio.org).

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Fun House – The Stooges

The Width Of A Circle – David Bowie

Lazy – Deep Purple

Collage – The James Gang

Ballad Of The Hard Man -Thin Lizzy

The Core – Eric Clapton

Make Me Smile/Now More Than Ever – Chicago

Glad – Traffic

Dreams – The Allman Brothers Band

Six Blade Knife – Dire Straits

Ten Years Gone – Led Zeppelin

Ezy Rider – Jimi Hendrix

I’m Coming On – Ten Years After

I’m Your Captain/Closer To Home – Grand Funk Railroad

On The Road Again – Canned Heat

Electricity – Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band

The Changeling – The Doors

Half Moon – Janis Joplin

30 Days In The Hole – Humble Pie

Franklin’s Tower – The Grateful Dead

Sway – The Rolling Stones

Glass Onion – The Beatles

Jump Into The Fire – Harry Nilsson

Climb Up On My Music – Rodriguez

Buick Mackane (original version) – T. Rex

Big City Funk – Dennis Coffey

Liar – Argent

When You Dance, I Can Really Love – Neil Young

Perfection – Badfinger

Nothing In This World Can Stop Me Worry ‘Bout That Girl – The Kinks

Bootleg – Creedence Clearwater Revival

Bummer In The Summer – Love

Fearless – Pink Floyd

Making Memories – Rush

Need Your Love – Cheap Trick



Classic Rock Cuts The Deepest

Tonight I compete with the NFL for the first time all year. I like football, so I wish there was a Friday night NFL game instead. Regardless, this week it’s just Green Bay vs. Seattle. Turn the sound down on the Packers getting pounded by the Seahawks and listen to the Fuzz Factory.

Classic Rock cuts the deepest. Don’t you think?