5/22/14: Stone Temple Pilots


On most days, I like my sky above me and my ground below me. Too bad these days ain’t like most days. These days, my life has been relentlesssssss. I’ll just leave it at that because I have no time to elaborate. Good news is on the horizon. Soon enough summer will be here, which means an extra hour of the Fuzz Factory every Thursday. There is no downside to that fact.

This week, I did play Stone Temple Pilots on the Compare/Contrast Feature. Mixed in were solo songs, etc. However, I did intentionally only play ballads from STP. WHY? Because they do them so damn well. Stone Temple Pilots (in spite of Scott Weiland’s personal issues) have continued to improve their craft. They began their career as a Pearl Jam/Alice In Chains hybrid and evolved into a much more original sound highlighted by extremely well crafted glam rock songs and intensely personal rock ballads. Perhaps you did not know this and that’s another reason why I’m here.

Don’t forget to tune in every Thursday from 8-10 PM (EST) on SCAD-Atlanta Radio (www.scadatlantaradio.org).

OK – here’s that playlist!

– – – – – – – – – – –

Parked Outside – The Afghan Whigs

Line Up – Elastica

Rental Car – Beck

Dope Train – The Vines

Circles – Flowerhead

The Lost City Of Refuge – …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

Holyman – Blind Melon

Stop Stop – The Black Keys

Hang Onto Yourself – The Sheepdogs

Less – Ben Harper

Lickin’ – The Black Crowes

Can’t Get Off – Chris Whitley

Take A Look At Yourself – The Maharajas

You Don’t Know What It Takes – Ape Hangers

We’re All In Love – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

I Want Some – The Make-Up

Throw It Up – Kinski

The Dream – Thee Oh Sees

Diamond Eyes – The Black Angels

Silence – Herzog

Jimmy Was A Stimulator – Scott Weiland

Hello Hello – Talk Show

Sour Girl – Stone Temple Pilots

Hello, It’s Late – Stone Temple Pilots

Missing Cleveland – Scott Weiland

And So I Know – Stone Temple Pilots

Samba Nova – Stone Temple Pilots



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