Vines And Hives

Tonight, the Compare/Contrast Feature is about two rock & roll bands that hit it very big for a very short time bands at the turn of the century (whoa, that long ago). Their names were very similar and people always confused one for the other. I’m referring to the Vines and the Hives. Their names are almost the same. Both bands made aggressive garage punk and both bands are much better than their flash in the pan status would indicate. In fact, both bands are still making new music, well after the hype burned away.

Other than that, they’re quite different and here is how to tell them apart. The Hives are from Sweden, they wear identical clothing on stage, their garage punk sound veers toward new wave rock. The Vines are from Australia, they do not wear identical clothing, their garage punk sounds veers toward psychedelic rock.

Here are some visual examples to help you tell them apart. Both of these bands made some pretty damn good music videos too. Ones that enhance the sound of the band not detract from it like most music videos do. Incidentally, searching for videos online from the Vines is much more difficult than you might think. Millennials will instantly know why.

(slap yourself with your shoe)



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