3/20/14: Anatomy Special Feature


Last week I was buried under a large pile of finals week work that needed grading. This past week was a brief break from the grind and a chance to relax and unlock my body. Taking a cue from the break itself, I felt it was time to have a nice special feature, one that I have not had in a while. My choice was to feature songs about the body. Therefore, this past week was the latest Fuzz Factory Anatomy Special Feature.

In addition to the special feature, I had a special guest. My friend Maribeth was in Atlanta and came to the studio with me to be my special guest host. Maribeth is a long time rock & roll fan and Fuzz Factory listener. Even though she did not speak much (her New Jersey accent was an actual request) her presence in the studio was felt all around the world.

So here you go. Body rock – Fuzz Factory style:

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

Severed Hand – Pearl Jam

The Native Tongue – Brant Bjork & The Bros

Your Genius Hands – Everclear

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is – Jet

Angel Eyes – Jerry Cantrell

Open Your Eyes – Sun Dial

My Fingers – Brad

Brain Stew – Green Day

She Has Eyes – L7

Universal Heart-Beat – Juliana Hatfield

Immaculate Heart 1 & 2 – The American Analog Set

Mouthful Of Air – Catherine Wheel

Up To Our Hips – The Charlatans

Piece Of My Heart – Big Brother & The Holding Company *

Heart Of Glass – Blondie

Our Lips Are Sealed – The Fun Boy Three

The Hair Song – Black Mountain

Somebody Else’s Body – Urge Overkill

Shoulder Holster – Morcheeba

Clap Your Hands – Reginald Milton & The Soul Jets

My Brain – Morphine

Mouthful Of Cavities – Blind Melon

Over Your Shoulder – Concrete Blonde

In My Mind – The Sheepdogs

Eye Of The Tiger – Great White *

Evil Eye – Fu Manchu

Foot – Love Battery

The Brain Center At Whipples – Melvins

Searching With My Good Eye Closed – Soundgarden

* = listener request


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