Psyched At The Black Angels Concert

All images taken at the Black Angels concert in Atlanta, 2/22/14.1743582_10152985602599897_186156743_n 1488917_10152986613484897_1088686898_n 1488917_10152986613474897_1344269410_n 1925275_10152986613479897_461848171_n 1925275_10152986613489897_1899710714_n 1506413_10152986613494897_960919937_n 1653903_10152986616089897_1580281570_n 1960062_10152986616094897_381538506_n 1975080_10152986616099897_1387549107_n 1920079_10152986616104897_2093061318_n 1920079_10152986616109897_1496788749_n 1939959_10152986628929897_2074630040_n 1798617_10152986628949897_1994130899_n 923451_10152986628934897_30539793_n 1966673_10152986628939897_2140560097_n 1796512_10152986628944897_275798068_n 1911779_10152986629124897_1601669815_n 1654188_10152986629129897_2133349704_n 1958299_10152986629134897_1379786418_n 1958299_10152986629139897_1917019962_n 1619383_10152986629144897_997626866_n


2/20/14: Break Up Song Special Feature (Part 1)


So here we are. After another Atlanta snow out, I was finally back in the SCAD-Atlanta Radio studio last Thursday. The special feature was Part 1 of the long-awaited, highly anticipated Anti-Valentine’s Day Break Up Song Special Feature. Part 2 is this coming Thursday (2/27) from 8-11 PM (EST).

Unfortunately, there were major problems with the audio stream that tonight. many of you listeners couldn’t stay with the show and I guess I don’t blame you. I’m not sure what caused the problem. Perhaps it was all the pain, suffering and heartbreak I was sending out through the intertubes. Regardless, it was screwed up, JUST like a break up. So there you go. After all, it cannot be denied – there’s been so much great music made about this subject. I have hundreds of songs in my music collection to choose from.

Check out the Fuzz Factory Break Up Song Special Feature playlist. It will forget to call you back. Ignore you. Then get offended by everything you say.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Long Term Exit Strategy – Kinski

Hard As A Stone – A-CAMP

Going, Going, Gone – The Posies

The One I Love – R.E.M.

Divorce Song – Liz Phair

I’m Bound To Pack It Up – The White Stripes

I Love You, I’ll Kill You – Subsonics

Foolish Woman – The Oxford Circle

There Is An End – The Greenhornes w/Holly Golightly

Tell The Lie – The BellRays

Stand Up And Be A Man – Sundia

If You Want Me To Stay – Sly & The Family Stone

I Heard It Through The Grapevine -Marvin Gaye

Giving It Back – Matthew Sweet

Daylight – Mike Errico

Tainted Love – Finger

Half Full Glass Of Wine – Tame Impala

Half Past You – Love Battery

You’re No Good – Van Halen *

Don’t Love You – TV On The Radio

Dead Love – The Charlatans

Don’t Make Me Prove It – Veruca Salt

Do Me A Favour – Arctic Monkeys

She’s Prettiest When She Cries – The Go

Livin’ Alone – Bizi Gara

Walk Away – The James Gang

(I Know) I’m Losing You – Rod Stewart

You Keep Me Hangin’ On – Vanilla Fudge

Liar – Argent

Only Good For Conversation -Rodriguez

At Least That’s What You Said – Wilco

Love Left Us Strangers – Space Needle

Dirty Goodbyes – Verbena

Your Crying Eyes – Blitzen Trapper

Used To Love Her – Guns N’ Roses

…Like Clockwork – Queens Of The Stone Age

Gone – The Black Crowes

Last Goodbye – Jeff Buckley

Don’t You Want Me – Chia Pet

Stop – The Dirtbombs

Promises – Eric Clapton

Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright – Waylon Jennings

D-I-V-O-R-C-E – Tammy Wynette

The Break Up Song – The Greg Kihn Band

* = listener request

Let The Black Angels Take You Away

Tomorrow night is the Black Angels concert. I am superpsyched because they are easily one of my favorite bands over the last five years. All four of the CDs and extra EPs are highly recommended rock & roll. As the listeners around these parts know – the Black Angels sound great on the Fuzz Factory too.

I still love looking forward to a great concert. I keeps me young.

Here are a some videos. Let the Black Angels take you away.

Fuzz Factory Break Up Song Special, 2/20/14 @ 8-11 PM (EST)

Last week, the snow once again put a stop to the Fuzz Factory. This was heartbreaking because I was all prepared to drop Part 1 of the Break Up Show. Maybe the last minute cancellation is appropriate, considering the theme.

It’s still Anti-Valentine’s Month as far as I am concerned. Make sure to tune into the Fuzz Factory this Thursday for Part 1 of the Break Up Show. So much great music has been made about the different emotions relation to this subject.  That’s why it’s a two week special feature. Three hours each week! it’s going to be great. Make sure to tune in. 8-11 PM (EST), this Thursday (2/20) and next (2/27).

Here’s a few alternative rock break up classics to listen to in the meantime.

Snowed Out (Again)!

The Fuzz Factory is snowed out again! What can I say? This winter sucks for seemingly everyone. It’s been a long, cold, messed up winter for all. My life is all over the place already so more cancellations and postponements are starting to become too normal. Tonight was supposed to be Part 1 of the Break Up Show. Break ups are never pretty, maybe this was supposed to happen?

So what can I do? Post more break up music for your Anti-Valentine’s Week/Month/Year/Life. The celebration continues with a bunch of versions of an all-time classic break up song. Train In Vain, originally recorded by the Clash.

Make sure to tune into SCAD-Atlanta Radio NEXT Thursday for Part 1 of the Fuzz Factory Break Up Show. 8 PM (EST).

In the meantime. Enjoy the songs on this post and the others coming in the next few days.


You’re No Good

More break up music for Anti-Valentine’s Week.

The celebration continues with a few versions of You’re No Good, an all-time classic.

Make sure to tune into the Fuzz Factory this Thursday for Part 1 of the Break Up Show. So much great music has been made about the different emotions relation to this subject.  That’s why it’s a two week special feature. It’s going to be great. Make sure to tune in. 8 PM (EST), this Thursday.