1/23/14: Wooden Shjips & Loop


These are strange days for me. That’s how I’ll sum it up for now. The new territories we occupy through life experience can be represented very well through certain types of music, in particular, psychedelic rock. Songs with the repetitive grooves and hooks that can send you into a trance-like state are especially symbolic of deep introspection. This sound is in some ways an autobiographical soundtrack for these days. It’s also served as my inspiration for the latest Compare/Contrast feature on the Fuzz Factory. The two bands I chose to bring you into the a trance were Wooden Shjips and Loop. Wooden Shjips are a contemporary band based in San Francisco. Loop are a band from London that released a few albums from 1987-1992. There are many common threads that tie these two bands together for me even though they are a generation apart. Both bands have those qualities I described and were the appropriate sound for these strange days.

Listen to the Fuzz Factory every week from 8-10 PM (EST) on SCAD-Atlanta Radio. Rock & roll explorers – make it the regular soundtrack to your Thursday night. Check out the playlist below (and the dozens of others in the archive).

– – – – – – – – – –

Breaking Into Heaven – The Stone Roses

Shining Somewhere – Adam Franklin

My Father’s Son – Pearl Jam

Built Low – Paw

We – Brad

Hangover – Gomez

We’re In Yr Corner – Cornershop

Devil Knows – Widowspeak

Stoned, Drunk & Naked – Anders Osborne

Quims In The Window – Big Ass Truck

Moving – Supergrass

Fireside – Arctic Monkeys

The Good In Everyone – Sloan

Remnants – My Morning Jacket

Flying Up A Mountain – Sweetapple

Wake Me – Rusty

Machine – Lions

Vapour – Loop

We Ask You To Ride – Wooden Shjips

Head On – Loop

These Shadows – Wooden Shjips

Straight To Your Heart – Loop

For So Long – Wooden Shjips

From Centre To Wave – Loop

Shrinking Moon For You – Wooden Shjips


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