1/16/14: Winter Songs


I’m from Chicago. It gets really cold there every winter. Lately it’s been Chicago cold here in Atlanta. In fact, for the first time since living in Georgia, I busted out my big heavy coat for subzero weather. The coat so thick that it can stand upright through it’s own weight and strength. So once again, my daily life provided the inspiration for this radio program. This week and last we all survived the polar vortex. That was good enough reason to play songs about wintertime.

Listen to the Fuzz Factory every week from 8-10 PM (EST) on SCAD-Atlanta Radio. Rock & roll explorers – make it the regular soundtrack to your Thursday night.

The Fuzz Factory Winter Special playlist is below.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Arctic Snow – Burning Brides

Winter’s Wolves – The Sword

Blue Snow – Orange Goblin

Stone Cold – Rainbow

The Sound Of Winter – Bush

Winter’s Call – Badlands

Gone Cold – Clutch

Long Cold Winter – Cinderella

Cold Feet – Albert King

Cold Sweat – James Brown

Coldblooded – The Bar-Kays

Cold Turkey – John Lennon

Winter Song – Screaming Trees

Snowflakes Are Dancing – Kurt Vile

Cold Roses – Ryan Adams

Wintertime Love – The Doors

Heart Of Snow – Black Mountain

Frozen Lake – Buffalo Tom

Cold Part Of Town – Concrete Blonde

In The Cold, Cold, Night – The White Stripes

Cold Feelings – Social Distortion

So Cold – Tenderloin

Cold Water – The Jesus Lizard

Cold Metal – Iggy Pop

Walk In Cold – Naked Raygun

Stone Cold Crazy – Queen

Ice Planet Hell – Psychotica

Shiver And Shake – The Cure


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