12/12/13: Full On Fuzz Rock


We’ve always been told that a picture is worth a thousand words. This may be true, however, it’s possible for a picture to be worth more. Pictures can be worth a thousand sounds as well. Case in point, the image above. The Fat version of the Fuzz Factory guitar pedal. This image is worth a thousand sounds to me and my listeners. Other than a stack of Marshall amps, no single image comes as close to a visual description of this radio program.

This week was the final Fuzz Factory big rock show of 2013. The special feature was the latest installment of the Full On Fuzz Rock Show. It’s been quite a while since the last fuzz rock show. That made this feature an even more perfect way to end the year. Since it was possible and I was ready, willing and able, this Fuzz Factory Full On Fuzz Rock Show was FOUR HOURS (yes!) long. Going doublewide to end the year! Those of you that tuned in were lucky enough to hear four hours of super fat fuzzed out riffs, heavy grooves, psychedelic trips, abundant use of cowbell, electric guitars plugged into bass amps and the fuzz pedal used in full force! Four hours moving along with limited interruption is a great ride. To an experienced heavy groove rider, it’s like listening to one long great song spanning 40 years of hard rock and garage punk.

Be safe during the holiday season. See you on the flip side in early January 2014.

Here is the FOUR HOUR Fuzz Factory Full On Fuzz Rock playlist. GO listen to these bands on your own. Support rock & roll!

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

The Chairman – Truckfighters

Power Player – Clutch

God Smack – Alice In Chains

The Pusher – Steppenwolf

How Many More Times – Led Zeppelin

Stormy High – Black Mountain

In The Roses – Wooden Shjips

Nod Scene – Monster Magnet

The Watcher – Harvestman

Astronomy Domine – The Atomic Bitchwax

Spirit Fury Fire – Dozer

Clear Windowpane – Saint Vitus

Wartime – Pentagram

SludgeFeast – DInosaur Jr.

All Your Lies – Soundgarden

Drama – L7

Bruise Violet – Babes In Toyland *

KONG – Volume IV

Hung Out To Dry – Fu Manchu

Thanks Anyway – Black Nasa

Jay Time – Bullet

High Voltage – AC/DC

Cries From The Midnight Express – The Pretty Things

Crash Course In Brain Surgery – Metallica

Good Morning Wasteland/Dargona Dragona – Vista Chino

Slow Train – Rainbows Are Free

The Suits, The Law & The Uniform – Graveyard

Waiting On The Western World – Karma To Burn

The Void – Nebula

Bezunesh – Ben Lawless

Sleigh Ride – Fuzz

Sweat Loaf – Butthole Surfers *

(more cowbell)

Calling Dr. Love – Kiss

Peace Sells – Megadeth

The Prisoner – Iron Maiden

Bite The Bullet – Motorhead

No One Came – Deep Purple

The Wizard – Black Sabbath

Run The Night – The Shrine

Dawn Rising – Red Fang

City Dump – Melvins

You Can’t Quit Me Baby – Queens Of The Stone Age

Tar – Drive By Wire

Clean My Wounds – Corrosion Of Conformity

Mondo Generator – Kyuss

Masters Of The Universe – Hawkwind

* = listener request


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