9/19/13: Psychedelic Rock Trip (Part 2)

After a three week hiatus, I am back. The Fuzz Factory returned this week with PART TWO of the three part Fuzz Factory Psychedelic Rock Trip. This installment featured psychedelic pop and rock from the 70’s to present day.

I truly love crafting this rock and roll show and presenting it to all my listeners. This show is always a highlight of my week. It’s my weekly remedy and I am a better person for it. Hopefully it is as enjoyable to you as it is cathartic for me. Keep your ears open as I continue to seek out great music to present on a weekly basis. Now I am back and ready to roll. I always continue to seek out great guitar-based music to present to you on a weekly basis. Call it a weekly two hour groove designed to take you, take you, take you, take you to the right places.

Three weeks gone and now I am back. I always want to be here on Thursday night, however travel and other aspects of life have to take priority once in a while. Where was I? A couple of weeks ago, two rock & roll priorities collided. I attended the Black Flag concert instead of being here.  Last week, I was in Philadelphia instead of being here. My Philadelphia half day power tour included cheesesteak sandwiches, a wander around various neighborhoods, a visit to a museum of medical oddities, a peek at the outside of America’s most historic prison and a drive down the street of row houses that were bombed by the Philadelphia police in 1985. Not bad for only a few hours in town. I actually was in the area for the wedding of a good friend from my graduate school days.

Let’s continue this trip together. Next week is PART THREE of the Fuzz Factory Psychedelic Rock Trip. Two hours of contemporary psychedelia and new-psychedelic rock. An exploration of both inner and outer space. Fair warning: it’ll be so heavy and trippy that your head may explode.

Here’s the playlist from PART TWO, which also included requests from listeners in Kansas City and Indianapolis. Take a look – dig in!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

One Of These Days – Pink Floyd

You Talk Sunshine I Breathe Fire – Amboy Dukes

Faster Than The Speed Of Life – Steppenwolf

69 Faces Of Love – King Khan & The Shrines

Shelter Song – Temples

A Wish Away – The Wonder Stuff

Earn Enough For Us – XTC

Let It Go – The Black Ryder

Sleepwalker – Moon Duo

A Silent Moment – Elephant Stone

Sleepyhouse – Blind Melon

Lord 13 – Monster Magnet

Of Dreams – Wellwater Conspiracy

Marathon Man – The Icarus Line

Miles Beyond – Mahavishnu Orchestra *

Merry-Go-Round – Cobra Killer

Faust 72 – Dynastie Crisis

Contact – The Serge Gainsbourg Experience

Crystal Anis – The Limiñanas

New Day Rising – Hüsker Dü *

Hymn 43 – Jethro Tull

6 A.M. Jullandar Shere – Cornershop

Let Forever Be – The Chemical Brothers

Giant Tortoise – Pond

Master Of The Universe – U.S. Christmas

Lord Of Light (Single Version Edit) – Hawkwind

* = listener request


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