8/22/13: Psychedelic Rock Trip (Part 1)

My head was spinning, but it was worth every second.  Last Thursday night The Fuzz Factory rock & roll show took a long strange trip into the psychedelic past. It was a brilliant three hours of music. The entire show was dedicated to PART ONE of the Fuzz Factory Psychedelic Rock Trip. Three full hours tripping along through the early years of psychedelia.

I had some assistance with the psyuperpsychedelic playlist. My guest in the studio was the one and only, 40 Watt Gigolo. Mr. 40 Watt is a good friend and also a loyal Fuzz Factory listener. He is also a avid music fan and writes a good blog about interesting and unique music. Here is the link to his blog: http://www.40wattgigolo.com. Check it out.

This show was such a blast because old school psychedelic rock is fun while also being very good and very influential rock & roll. We tried to pack as much as possible into the show while allowing for a few extended music trips.  Check out the playlist below and see the classic (both familiar and very rare) psychedelic rock we played that night. Everything played was from the mid-60’s to the early 70’s.

Just a reminder – there is no Fuzz Factory with Brett Callero this week (8/29), however I’ll be back the following week with the final three hour show of the summer. So you gotta make sure to tune in from 8-11 PM (EST) on 9/5 for  PART TWO of the Fuzz Factory Psychedelic Rock Trip! Three hours of contemporary psychedelia and new-psychedelic rock.  Be there and take a fantastic journey.

Let’s take a trip together. Here’s the playlist from PART ONE:

– – – – – – – – – – –

Tomorrow Never Knows – The Beatles

Psychodrama City – The Byrds

Action Woman – The Litter

99th Floor – The Moving Sidewalks

I Can’t Explain – David Bowie

Season Of The Witch – Donovan

Plastic Fantastic Lover – Jefferson Airplane

Pride Of Man – Quicksilver Messenger Service

The Story In Your Eyes – The Moody Blues

Rock And Roll – The Velvet Underground

Zig Zag Wanderer – Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band

Girl With No Eyes – It’s A Beautiful Day

2000 Light Years From Home – The Rolling Stones

Incense And Peppermint – Strawberry Alarm Clock

You’re Gonna Miss Me – The 13th Floor Elevators

Bummer In The Summer – Love

He’s Waitin’ – The Sonics

No Friend Of Mine – The Sparkles

Someone’s Changing – The Savage Resurrection

96 Tears – Question Mark & The Mysterians

Street Singer – Clear Light

Iron Butterfly Theme – Iron Butterfly

Interstellar Overdrive – Pink Floyd

Spill The Wine – Eric Burdon & War

I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) – The Electric Prunes

Black Is Black – Los Bravos

Morning – The Afterglow

Psychotic Reaction – The Count Five

Time Has Come Today – The Chambers Brothers

Mr. Soul – Buffalo Springfield

N.S.U. – Cream

A Love Built On Sand – The Animated Egg

Only Good For Conversation – Rodriguez

Bad Scene – Ten Years After

At The Mountains Of Madness – H.P. Lovecraft

Medication – The Chocolate Watch Band

Talk Talk – The Music Machine

The Creation Of Sunlight – Seven Times Infinity

Just Let Go – The Seeds

Paper Sun – Traffic

Shield – Deep Purple

Third Stone From The Sun – Jimi Hendrix


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