5/23/13: Full On Fuzz Rock

The latest Full On Fuzz Rock Special just ran through the studio like a muscle car with dual glassbacks and it came at just the perfect time. It’s week nine of the quarter. You’re beaten down and exhausted. At times like this, it’s best to kick your brain into overdrive and push forward harder than ever. You see the end even though you can barely see straight. You’re so close, yet you reach further for the ideas and thoughts you know are there but still have to find. That’s how we all feel these days. This feeling is amplified because it’s Spring Quarter.

This kind of music gets down to business. Fuzz Rock has the ingredients to kick a lot of things. This includes kicking your brain into overdrive, giving you the motivation get it done and done well. Good music should always be on in the background when working on art projects. Especially these days when you’ve got your creative focus shifted into high gear.

A quick reminder, before the playlist. There will be no Fuzz Factory next week. End of the quarter responsibilities must take precedent. However, your Fuzz Factory big rock show will return the week after with the first summer show of 2013. Remember, the Fuzz Factory expands to three hours during the summer. That’s right, your airspace this summer should be filled with SCAD-Atlanta Radio’s Fuzz Factory and it’s extra hour of riffs.

Listen to the Fuzz Factory. Get your special delivery on a weekly basis. We’ve got fat riffs, funky grooves and psychedelic pop twists from the last 30 years or so. Tell your rock & roll friends too because the Fuzz Factory intends on helping to save rock & roll radio – one week at a time.

Here’s that playlist, which included requests from listeners in Illinois, WIsconsin and Spring House.
– – – – – – – – –
Old Fangs – Black Mountain
I’m Above – Mad Season
Space Cowboy – Southern Voodoo
All For Me – Sugartooth
The Drift – Big Business
Can U Deliver – Armored Saint
Steam Control – Oregano Chino
Come – Rainbows Are Free
Masterplan – Greenleaf
Synchronized – Sheavy
Scum – Meat Puppets
Lawless Lands – The Sword
Kiss The Sun – The Atomic Bitchwax
Foaming – Melvins
Eyes Of Light – Awesome Color
Code Red – Birth Of Joy
Live To Win – Motorhead
Jack the Stripper/Fairies Wear Boots – Black Sabbath *
A National Acrobat – Telestrion
My Burning Time – Last Crack *
In The Land Of The Blind The One Eyed Man Is King – Volume IV
Wanderlust – Baroness *
Skim Milf – Kinski
* = listener request

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