1/31/13: Full On Fuzz Rock

“Good show. I had to lower the volume a couple of times, but I got through it okay.”

That’s what my Mom wrote in an e-mail to me from her home in Niles, IL. This is what she thought and wanted to tell me after tuning into SCAD-Atlanta Radio and listening to the Full On Fuzz Rock Special on the Fuzz Factory last Thursday night. I’ve mentioned it on the air before, Mom likes rock and roll. I grew up in a house with the music turned up loud. So she will listen to the program for more than my voice. However, two solid hours of supreme Fuzz Rock? Nicely done, I was impressed. If my mom can do it so can you.

So yeah, this program was all about the heavier core of the Fuzz Factory, the reoccurring feature called the Full On Fuzz Rock Special. Of course, fuzz rock is really just another name for hard rock. It’s just the newest version of the hard rock music originated in the 70’s. It is the heavy music that is most near and dear to my ears.

This Fuzz Factory was dedicated to the following: electric guitars plugged into bass amps, the fuzz pedal used in full force and an abundant use of cowbell.

Here is the playlist, dig it, stay into it. Listen to the Fuzz Factory, every Thursday night 8-10 PM (EST). Go tell it on the silver mountain!

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

Inside The Falcon – Dozer

Billy Jean – The Dive

King Of The Rotten – Corrosion Of Conformity

Low Rider – The Jesus Lizard

Too Stoned – Gas Giant

Showdown – Rose Hill Drive

Prove You Wrong – Prong

Grease Box – Tad

Drifting Down Streams – Dead Meadow

Moonshine Man – Big Block Hitchcock

20/20 (Tunnel Vision) – Graveyard

A Horse Called Golgotha – Baroness

The Brain Center At Whipples – Melvins

Big Sized Man – Carnaval

Infinity – Queens Of The Stone Age

Poison Holy Water – Volume IV

Get You Some – Lecherous Gaze

She Spills Blood – The Underdogs

Pretend – Freedom Bleeder

Shake Your Blood – Probot

Faustian Bargain – Astrosoniq

Dying Earth – The Sword

Look To Your Orb For The Warning – Monster Magnet

Corpus Scorpios Electrified – Masters Of Reality

Woman – Wolfmother


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