1/24/13: Jon Spencer Blues Explosion & Speedball Baby

Once again, I ambehind with the playlist blog post. Sorry about that. Juggling priorities has a negative effect on accomplishing small enjoyable things in life. This qualifies as one of those fun and enjoyable things. I am glad to finally have the chance to post about it.

This week the Fuzz Factory again followed the Regular Fuzz standard format concluding with with the Compare/Contrast feature. This week, the Fuzz Factory compared and contrasted The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (JSBX) and Speedball Baby. Both bands hail from New York City and have a similar vibe happening through out their collection of songs. Both bands combine elements of rockabilly, bluespunk and alt-soul. Put it together and you have what I refer to as urban noir (the sound, not the fashion). Blended together, the sound is dark, gritty, soulful, spastic and strange. On my soundtrack, that’s all good.

Speedball Baby have scattered a few releases over the last 20 years. JSBX is much more prolific. They had numerous discs before taking a hiatus. They got together again in the studio last year to record a new disc. They were inspired to do so after re-releasing their back catalog with B-sides and demo tracks. The new disc, Meat And Bone, is as good as much of the work from their heyday. It was a purely pleasurable experience seeing them at the Earl a couple of weeks ago . It was my fourth time seeing them in concert overall, but the first time in 11 years.

OK – here is the playlist. Keep on listening to the Fuzz Factory! Saving rock & roll radio, one week at a time.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Stand Guard – Bob Mould

What Did You Call It That For? – Arcwelder

Ignoreland – The Forms

I Am What I Am – Spiritualized

What’s Forsaken – The Black Ryder

Delete My Ideals – The Blue Angel Band

Ohm – Yo La Tengo

Black River – Mondo Drag

To Forgive – Smashing Pumpkins

Bleeding Muddy Water – Mark Lanegan Band

For Heaven’s Sake – 16 Horsepower

Sleepy Silver Door – Dead Meadow

Inside The Falcon – Dozer

M.L.K. – The Entrance Band

Rubber Connection – Speedball Baby

Bellbottoms – The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Dangerous Trip – Speedball Baby

Bacon – The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Hate You Baby – Speedball Baby

Soul Typecast – The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Three Quarter Man – Speedball Baby

Chicken Dog – The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion


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