1/17/13: Blitzen Trapper & The Sheepdogs

Four hours of nudity. Does that grab your attention? Well, it should. Four hours of nudity is what I am experiencing as I type this post. You may wonder why I would be typing during four hours of nudity and I would say that’s a good question, one that deserves further explanation. Well today I am the proctor for the Open Model Session here at SCAD-Atlanta. This also means that I’m fixed in one place as students draw the nude models for four hours. Normally, I take care of other work, such as grading. However, this time I decided to post the Fuzz Factory playlist to pass the time. After all, I am very rarely in one place for four hours straight.

This week the Fuzz Factory followed the standard format, or what I like to call, Regular Fuzz. As you all know, Regular Fuzz usually means the show concludes with the Compare/Contrast feature. This week, the Fuzz Factory compared and contrasted Blitzen Trapper (from Portland) and the Sheepdogs (from Saskatoon). Both bands have a warm sound to their music that derives from many different genres. They’re part alternative, part classic rock, part eclectic country, part psychedelia. Blended together, it’s all good music.

The Fuzz Factory is saving rock & roll radio one week at a time. See what you heard (or missed) by taking a look at the stellar playlist below. If you like rock & roll, listen to the Fuzz Factory in 2013. Your ears will immediately and enthusiastically thank you.

– – – – – – – – – –

Berlin – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Crawl Home – The Desert Sessions (w/PJ Harvey)

Deep Run – Third Of Never

Check My Brain – Alice In Chains

El Dorado – The Company Band

Out Of My Head – Junkhouse

The Fixer – Pearl Jam

The Line Between – Baroness

So Gently We Go – I Mother Earth

Tornado – The Telescopes

Spinning – Loop

North Eastern – Sun Dial

Last Time – The Zabalas

All Tricked Out – Leslie

Absolution – The Gravy

Would That Not Be Nice – Divine Fits

Jump Into The Fire (Radio One Live Session) – LCD Soundsystem

Save Yourself – The Sheepdogs

Apple Trees – Blitzen Trapper

Alright OK – The Sheepdogs

The Man Who Would Speak True – Blitzen Trapper

Learn & Burn – The Sheepdogs

Your Crying Eyes – Blitzen Trapper

Suddenly/Baby, I Won’t Do You No Harm/We’ll Get There/I Should Know – The Sheepdogs

Destroyer Of The Void – Blitzen Trapper


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