10/3/13: Mudhoney & Mother Love Bone

Tonight the Fuzz Factory was back to its regular self. There were still some psychedelic fireworks – just not an entire show based on the concept. Tonight, the legendary garage punk band Mudhoney and the short-lived but highly transformative and influential band Mother Love Bone on the Compare/Contrast feature. The spark for these two bands came from the fact that the night before I saw Mudhoney in concert for the first time. The show did not disappoint. They have 25 years of playing together under their belts and the set list was like a hit parade of their best songs.

The choice to compare and contrast Mother Love Bone to Mudhoney is to highlight the diversity between the punk inspired garage rock and glam inspired alternative rock emerging at the same time, the early 1980’s. Before grunge had a name. The public in general tends to overlook and oversimplify the analysis of this diversity. I’ve practically made it my life’s work. What can I say? I am made to compare and contrast.

One of the Mudhoney songs I played was a new song called Douchebags On Parade. I dedicated it to the GOP, who continue to grandstand while positioned in a circular firing squad.

Before the playlist, a reminder that the annual two week Fuzz Factory Halloween Special begins on 10/24. Always a favorite show.

This Fuzz Factory playlist is a step by step program for rocking on and rocking out. Take a look – appropriately we begin with a head full of fuzz. 

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Head Full Of Fuzz – Black Market Karma

Love Song – The Dandy Warhols

The W.A.N.D. – The Flaming Lips

Skeleton Tiger – Tame Impala

Looking Thru Baby Blue – Elephant Stone

Right Turn – Alice In Chains (Alice Mudgarden)

Stray Cat Blues – Soundgarden *

Long Term Exit Strategy – Kinski

Straight And Narrow – Cheap Time

She Kissed Me (It Felt Like A Hit) – Spiritualized

Strife – Savages

Straight Freak Show – Love Battery

Guilty – Black Joe Lewis

Adara – Vista Chino

Clearing Potion – Cojones

Blackout Stout – Fidlar

Touch Me I’m Sick – Sonic Youth

Judgement, Rage, Retribution And Thyme – Mudhoney

Holy Roller – Mother Love Bone

This Gift – Mudhoney

Thru Fade Away – Mother Love Bone

Douchebags On Parade – Mudhoney

Gentle Groove – Mother Love Bone

If I Think – Mudhoney

Chloe Dancer/Crown Of Thorns – Mother Love Bone

* = listener request


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