10/17/13: Brant Bjork

Hello. Hello to anyone willing to read what I post about the Fuzz Factory, my weekly indulgence. This week my special feature was highlighting the career of fuzz rock extraordinaire, Brant Bjork, one of the coolest guys in rock & roll. He’s so cool, he keeps his wallet in the fridge (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mp8KrTq62I).

Brant Bjork flies under the radar even though he has been involved in numerous projects over the last 20+ years. He’s still doing his thing and I wanted to give his some well deserved respect. Most notably, Brant Bjork was a founding member and drummer for Kyuss while still in high school. The iconic band’s name was his idea.

After leaving Kyuss he joined Fu Manchu, a band he produced a few years earlier. His solo career has been the focal point after leaving Fu Manchu in 2001. Brant Bjork has released several solo albums in which he is the vocalist and guitarist. Most recently, he reunited with two former Kyuss members to form the new band VIsta Chino, whose debut disc was released this summer. Bjork has also been associated with the following acts: Ché, Mondo Generator, Ten East, Fatso Jetson, De-Con, Yellow #5 and the Desert Sessions collaborative.

Besides the feature – I played lots of great music including brand new songs by the Dirtbombs and Blitzen Trapper. I also dropped in a couple of songs from local musician Ben Lawless.

So there you have it. The Fuzz Factory. By design, it’s a two hour decompression chamber, filled with just the right sounds to take me from the art classroom to the art studio. My hope is that the Fuzz Factory vibe can do something similar for listeners as they head into the end of their week of work. That’s my theory and I hope it comes through in the music. I never underestimate the powers of rock & roll.

Don’t forget to join me the next two Thursday nights for the Fuzz Factory Halloween Special! Next week (10/24) and Halloween night! More songs about ghosts, devils, demons, witches and good old-fashioned evil stuff.

Here is the playlist from Thursday night.

– – – – – – – – – – –

I’m Not Invisible – Rocket From The Crypt

Cracker Box – Tenderloin

Theater In The Round – Half Hour To Go

Remember When (Side B) – The Black Keys

Scene Of A Perfect Crime – Concrete Blonde

Art Class (Song For Yayoi Kusama) – Superchunk

Thirsty Man – Blitzen Trapper

One Good Reason – Bob Mould

Open Your Eyes – Sun Dial

An Unkind – Soundgarden

Get Low – Toadies

Dirty Goodbyes – Verbena

Demon Called Deception – Grant Lee Buffalo

What We All Want (Dandy Warhols Remix) – Gang Of Four

Spring Fling – Ben Lawless

No Angels – Ben Lawless

Exile On My Street – The Ponys

Torture – The Cure

We Come In The Sunshine – The Dirtbombs

Lion Wings – Brant Bjork & The Bros

Smarty Pants – Brant Bjork & The Operators

Let The Truth Be Known – Brant Bjork & The Bros

Blue Demon – Ché

Thinkin’ Out Loud – Fu Manchu

As You Wish – Vista Chino

You’re Alright – Brant Bjork

My Ghettoblaster – Brant Bjork & The Operators


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