9/27/12: Not Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam played a concert here a couple of weeks ago, their first in Atlanta in almost a decade. I first saw Pearl Jam in St. Louis back in 1991. They were an opening act at the second Lollapalooza festival. I saw Pearl Jam again in 1998. This time in Chicago on the Yield tour. It’s been 14 years since that concert.Knowing that Pearl Jam has reasons to not like Atlanta (http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/life/people/2009-05-14-ament-mugged_N.htm) I figured they may not be back here for a long time. Therefore, at the last minute, I decided to attend. I’m glad I did. They played two full hours of great songs spanning their entire career.

Last week, in tribute to Pearl Jam’s concert, the feature on the Fuzz Factory was Not Pearl Jam. In other words, side projects, former bands and guest appearances from members of Pearl Jam. Why not? It’s an eclectic way to celebrate a band we all know. I’m always digging deep to bring unique and under-appreciated selections to play for you. From the Fuzz Factory studio, through the interwebs of the world, and into your stereo.

The Fuzz Factory with Brett Callero. Three hours of the guitar-centric deep cuts and forgotten classics filled with fat riffs, funky grooves and psychedelic pop twists. Keep listening – check out previous playlists – and spread the word. Rock and roll LIVES on the internet!

More news to come in regard to the Fuzz Factory encore presentation. Finally, here is the latest most awesome Fuzz Factory playlist. The Not Pearl Jam feature was the final set of music I played, starting with the Mike Watt song.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

The Stations – The Gutter Twins

The Big Picture – King’s X

Halcyon Days – Screamin’ Cheetah Wheelies

Din – Chris Whitley

Charmer – Kings Of Leon

Lickin’ – The Black Crowes

Movin’ On – Spring Heeled Jack

I’m In Love With My Car – Mike Ness

Be Like Normal – The Sights

Hash Pipe – Weezer

Possibly Peking – Sammy

Feel The Pain – Dinosaur Jr.

The Hand That Feeds – Nine Inch Nails

Faustian Bargain – Astrosoniq

Burning Of The Midnight Lamp – Howlin Rain

Against The 70’s – Mike Watt

Stranger – Skin Yard

Four Walled World – Temple Of The Dog

Lift – Brad

Felicity’s Surprise – Wellwater Conspiracy

X-Ray Mind – Mad Season

Tremor Void – Three Fish

Peace And Love – Neil Young


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