9/20/12: Fuzz Rock

Seek out what is not given to you!  Explore, experiment and expand!

That is my message to you as this new school year begins. Also remember this –  buy good music and give yourself the multi-sensory experience! See live performances and concerts! Support rock & roll!

Yes sir, it felt really good to be back in the SCAD-Atlanta Radio studio after a four week hiatus. In the meantime, interest in SCAD-Atlanta Radio and this show continues to grow. The word continues to get out. A couple of weeks ago, the blog 40 Watt Gigolo named the Fuzz Factory its favorite internet radio show. Click on the link (http://www.40wattgigolo.com/2012/09/sad-vacation-dandy-warhols-from-album.html) to read a great description of the Fuzz Factory listening experience.

Back to school season has also always meant birthday season for me. My birthday was earlier this month (9/11) and I was in the mood to give myself a gift. Therefore, last week, in honor of my birthday, the Fuzz Factory made its triumphant return to the internets with another trademark Fuzz Rock Special. You know, tons of fat guitar riffs played through Fuzz Factory pedals, Marshall stacks and Orange amps, all with a little cowbell sprinkled in for fun.

The Fuzz Factory with Brett Callero. Three hours of the guitar-centric deep cuts and forgotten classics filled with fat riffs, funky grooves and psychedelic pop twists. Keep listening – check out previous playlists – and yo – tell your friends.

Here is the latest trademark Fuzz Rock Special playlist…

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Travel Agent – Fu Manchu

Rock N’ Roll Can Rescue The World – Electric Eel Shock

Spiral – Sugartooth

Fujiyama Attack – Guitar Wolf

Terrier – The Moaners

Hung, Drawn and Quartered – High On Fire

The Shipbuilder – Greenleaf

Shake Em On Down – Wo Fat

Malverde – Red Fang

The Narrows – Dead Meadow

Master Of The Universe – US Christmas

King Of Mars – Monster Magnet

Hammer To The Nail – Volume IV

So Long – Gruntruck

Free Man – Awesome Color

1970 – The Stooges

Over And Over – MC5

One Way…Or Another – Cactus

Look Behind You – Saint Vitus

Tomorrow’s Dream – Black Sabbath

Apollo – Sun Dial

351 – Budd

Check My Brain – Alice In Chains


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