8/16/12: Rock & Roll Zoo

Well, what can I say? Somehow, some way I fell behind on posting the Fuzz Factory playlists. I’ll make the messages short and sweet in order to expedite two posts in the time it takes to write one.

So it was a Rock & Roll Zoo! That was the feature on the Fuzz Factory a couple of weeks ago. Song titles from the animal wild.

Look below and see what fantastic animalistic sounds were coming from the Fuzz Factory Rock & Roll Zoo. Remember, if you like what you see or hear, go tell somebody.

The Fuzz in this Factory sounds great.

– – – – – – – – – – –

The Whisper Tames The Lion – Drivin N’ Cryin

Velvet Dog – Sister Psychic

The Elephant Dog -The Warm Guns

Terrier – The Moaners

Day Of The Eagle – Robin Trower

Bull-Rush – Paul Weller

Dragon’s Song – Blitzen Trapper

Monkey Man – The Rolling Stones

Catfish 2 Boogaloo – The Sheepdogs

Screamin’ Eagle – Desert Sessions

Ants In The Kitchen – Masters Of Reality

Dog Faced Boy – Eels

Rooster-Man – De Staat

Bear Hug – Fun Lovin’ Criminals

Dragon Attack – Queen

Dog And His Master – Marcy Playground

Somebody Stole My Dog – Rufus Thomas

Fish Head – Slim & The Soulful Saints

Beaver Patrol – The Wilde Knights

Wart Hog – The Ramones *

Ants In My Hands – Modey Lemon

Hog-Eyed Man – The Legendary Shack Shakers

Drug Owl – Speedball Baby

Three Legged Dog – Firewater

Sheep – Pink Floyd

Catching The Butterfly – The Verve

Fuzzy Birds – Super Furry Animals

Hey Bulldog – The Beatles

Birds – Swervedriver

Bulldog Front – Fugazi

Queen Wasp – The Misfits

Very Ape – Nirvana

I Wanna Be A Drug Sniffing Dog – Lard

Tipping The Lion – Melvins

Vulture Story – Jucifer

The Eagle Has Landed – Nebula

The Buffalo Skinner – Junkhouse

Inside The Falcon – Dozer

Prehistoric Dog – Red Fang

Apache Chicken – Darediablo

Jailbird – Primal Scream

Dogs Of Lust – The The *

Folded Leopard Machine – ewewew

Piranha – Tripping Daisy

I Wanna Be Your Dog – Uncle Tupelo

* = listener request


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