6/21/12: Instrumental Rock

Action not words!  That was the case last week on the Fuzz Factory because it was the first ever Fuzz Factory Instrumental Rock & Roll Show. Generally speaking, I respond mostly to sound not words. Regular listeners of this show probably already have that figured that out. Truthfully, I feel that the lyrics could be almost anything if the music and vocals are good enough. Then again, if the lyrics are so horrible, they can neutralize and ruin really good music. Regardless, I hope you enjoyed the break from the lyrics this week. There are so many great instrumental rock & roll songs and I felt it was high time to play a whole show of them.

The listeners made some great requests too. This is a feature that I will revisit again sometime further down the road. The Fuzz Factory – saving rock & roll radio one week at a time.

Here is the Instrumental Rock & Roll Show playlist.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

Rattler – Friends Of Dean Martinez

You Be The Stranger – The Grifters

Nothing Lies Still Long – Pell Mell

Third Stone From The Sun – Jimi Hendrix

Buried Alive In The Blues – Janis Joplin

Tigre Du Bengale (Instrumental Version) – The Limiñanas

Information Contraband – Money Mark

The Innocent Criminal – Grassy Knoll

Very Rare – The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion *

Smokescreen – The Atomic Bitchwax

Harajuana – Sugartooth

The Day The Pirate Retired – Che

It’s All Around You – Tortoise *

Sorry About The Mess – Errors

Ethanopium – Dengue Fever

Surf Roach – Izzy Stradlin

Clownmaster – Sugar

Asshton Park – James Gang

Dueling Banjos – Eric Weissberg

Fire On The Strings – Joe Maphis *

Instrumental – Quicksand

Christopher – Dungen

Fuzzbuster – Mudhoney

Get It – The Come Ons *

Hip Coat – The Delta 72

Space Invader – The Pretenders

Dial – Mountains Of Blow

November Hotel – Mad Season

* = listener request


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