5/24/12: Smashing Pumpkins

Welcome to the Fuzz Factory. Where real good rock & roll is right at home. This was the last show of the school year. Congratulations to all the SCAD-Atlanta graduates.

There will be no show this Thursday (5/31) due to finals week. I have a massive amount of work, including grading, to do. I will be back the week after with the latest and perhaps greatest 100% Fuzz Rock Show. You don’t want to miss it!

This week we featured a set of classics, b-sides and rarities from the Smashing Pumpkins.  The Smashing Pumpkins were quite prolific in their heyday. Their first four discs, Gish, Siamese Dream, Pisces Iscariot and Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness hold up quite well. All are still awesome. We had a bunch of listeners, some with great requests too. Therefore I extended the show and extra hour. Bonus time is always good.

In addition to the weekly special feature, the Fuzz Factory was the same as it ever was. A guitar-centric rock and roll experience featuring fat riffs, funky grooves and psychedelic pop twists from the last 30 years. If you like what you hear, spread the vibe. The Fuzz Factory, rock & roll radio as it should be. Here is the playlist.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Urethane – Fu Manchu

Jesus Sings The Blues – Junkhouse

Under The God – Tin Machine

Auslander – Living Colour

Engines – The Mutts

Mr. Moustache – Nirvana

Have A Cigar – Foo Fighters

Hero Worship – Jucifer

Want You Bad – Eve’s Plum

Free – Cat Power

Underwhelmed – Sloan

Smokin’ – Super Furry Animals

Same Dress New Day – Tripping Daisy *

The Bells – The Make-Up

Live Wire – The Beastie Boys

Holdin’ On To Black Metal – My Morning Jacket

Warm River Pearl – Cry Of Love

I Am One – Smashing Pumpkins

The Aeroplane Flies High – Smashing Pumpkins

Drown (alternate version) – Smashing Pumpkins *

Heavy Metal Machine – Smashing Pumpkins

Siamese Dream – Smashing Pumpkins

La Dolly Vita – Smashing Pumpkins

Ava Adore – Smashing Pumpkins *

Quiet – Smashing Pumpkins

Doomsday Clock – Smashing Pumpkins

Mouths Of Babes – Smashing Pumpkins

Muzzle – Smashing Pumpkins

SuperChrist – Smashing Pumpkins

Still In Hollywood – Concrete Blonde *

Train Tracks – Izzy Stradlin & The Ju Ju Hounds

Revelator – Screaming Trees

You Never Listen – The Sheepdogs

Know – Chris Whitley

Teen Lambchop – Wellwater Conspiracy

Torture Day – The Notwist

Cool Scene – The Dandy Warhols

* = listener request


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