4/19/12: Van Halen

David Lee Roth – Alex Van Halen – Edward Van Halen – Michael Anthony

The original Van Halen was the feature on the latest Fuzz Factory. Sorry for the delay on the post – I was temporarily under a midterm avalanche. Anyhow – the reason for the feature was in honor of the Van Halen concert at Philips Arena that was happening on the same night at the same time. The original Van Halen, with Diamond Dave on vocals (the only way to go), was ground-breaking hard rock music, especially their first four releases: I, II, Woman And Children First and Fair Warning. Eddie Van Halen is objectively one of the greatest guitarist ever. This music changed the trajectory of guitar rock. This fact is undeniable if you were 9 years old, like I was, when Van Halen’s debut album was released in the late 70’s.

The original Van Halen on the heels of two consecutive weeks of childhood favorites.  Sounds about right.  Thanks for appreciating my indulgent look into my past over the past few weeks. It was fun to open the vault on some really nostalgic music. We’ll get back to the future on the Fuzz Factory next month.

Get hip to the Fuzz Factory – and if you like what you hear, go tell somebody. Rock & roll radio is still going strong.

Here is the playlist. The Fuzz Factory – Cutting Out The Crap Since 2002!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Negasonic Teenage Warhead – Monster Magnet

Monte Gargano – Truckfighters

One Last Soul – Black Country Communion

Sister Moon – The Front

Niteliner – Urge Overkill

Ya Gotta Swear – Rock City Angels

Forbidden Places – Meat Puppets

Fall To Pieces – The Velcro Lewis Group

(Nose To The) Grindstone – The Sights

Zodiac Sign – Imperial Drag

Sunless Saturday – Fishbone

The Lovely People – Sabrosa Purr

Live To Rise – Soundgarden

Negative Creep – Velvet Revolver

Mary Lou – Black Mountain

Tainted Love – Finger

And The Cradle Will Rock… – Van Halen

The Full Bug – Van Halen

Light Up The Sky – Van Halen

Atomic Punk – Van Halen

Fools – Van Halen *

Sunday Afternoon In The Park – Van Halen

One Foot Out The Door – Van Halen

Somebody Get Me A Doctor – Van Halen

She’s The Woman – Van Halen *

Take Your Whiskey Home – Van Halen

Unchained – Van Halen

Little Guitars – Van Halen

Dance The Night Away – Van Halen

Drop Dead Legs – Van Halen

Secrets – Van Halen

In A Simple Rhyme – Van Halen

On Fire – Van Halen

Outta Love Again – Van Halen

Mean Street – Van Halen

* =  listener request


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