3/8/12: The Anatomy Show

Tonight on the Fuzz Factory we explored brand new musical territory. The body. Tonight I featured great rock & roll about various parts of the body on the first (and not the last) Fuzz Factory Anatomy Show.  Features like this are rich with great material from all over the musical map. It was a lot of fun to put together this playlist and spin this great music for you.

As always, the Fuzz Factory is always playing music you’ll hear nowhere on your radio dial. Get hip to the Fuzz Factory – and spread the news. Rock & roll radio is still here and still going strong. The Fuzz Factory – saving rock & roll radio, one week at a time.

Here is the Anatomy Show playlist. As you can see, this show rocked the body.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

Under Your Skin – Ape Machine

Trippin’ On A Hole In A Paper Heart – Stone Temple Pilots

Arms And Legs – Marvin Pontiac

Somebody Else’s Body – Urge Overkill

Bali Eyes – Porno For Pyros

No Bones – Dinosaur Jr. *

Death On Two Legs – Queen

Is It My Body? – Alice Cooper

Lord Of The Thighs – Aerosmith

Bad Mouth – Fugazi

Dog Inside Your Body – Butthole Surfers

Caught With Meat In Your Mouth – Dead Boys

Mouth Breather – The Jesus Lizard

Miss Mary Gets A Boob Job – Mondo Generator

Train Of Flesh – Turbonegro

Black Tongue – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Dope Nose – Weezer

Detachable Penis – King Missile

Between The Eyes – Love Battery

A Head With Wings – Morphine *

Left Hand Suzuki Method – Gorillaz

Hands Around My Throat – Death In Vegas

You Wear Those Eyes – The Cars

Hands And Feet – My Sister’s Machine

Wilderness Heart  – Black Mountain

Into The Eye – Red Fang

Diamond Eyes – The Deftones *

My Poor Brain – Foo Fighters

Blood On Your Hands – Killing Joke

* = listener request


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