2/9/12: The Cult

Tonight the Fuzz Factory continued to save rock & roll radio one week at a time. As always, we successfully navigated the rough waters of hard rock from the last 25 years.

This week, the feature in the second hour of the show was a band called the Cult. The Cult began making music in the early 80’s and have a new disc coming out later this year. Tonight’s feature included a little bit of everything, spanning their career past and present, including b-sides and alternate versions and a song from the original incarnation of the band, called the Southern Death Cult. Listeners also buzzed into the fuzz with their requests.

The show was great. Here’s the playlist.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Side By Side – Grant Lee Buffalo

The Western Shore – Alaska

Smile – The Go

Good Life – Howlin Rain

Candle – Sonic Youth

The Regulator – Clutch

King Richard TLH – Masters Of Reality

Crawlspace – Screaming Trees

Never Satisfied – Living Colour

Glass Slipper – Burning Brides

Freya – The Sword

Wild Flower – The Cult

Conquistador – The Cult

Naturally High – The Cult

Earth Mofo – The Cult

Nirvana – The Cult

Resurrection Joe (Long Version) – The Cult

Fatman – The Southern Death Cult *

She Sells Sanctuary (Long Version) – The Cult

Love Removal Machine (Original Version) – The Cult

Peace Dog – The Cult *

Lucifer – The Cult

Wonderland – The Cult

* = listener request


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