2/23/12: Masters Of Reality

It’s crunch time at school right now. These days I know there is lots of thinking and making, thinking and making happening all day every day. Lots of teaching and grading too, so I have to make this quick.

This week, the Fuzz Factory continued it’s quest to save rock and roll radio, one week at a time. The special feature this week was the fantastic blues-edelic hard rock band led by Chris Goss, Masters Of Reality. Go check them out if you are not in the know. I cannot say enough about the fantastic music this man has been involved with over the years.

Here is the playlist.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I Think I’m In Love – Spiritualized

No Love Lost – Joy Division

Hurricane Heart Attack – The Warlocks

Love Is A Deserter – The Kills

Sick – Boss Hogg

Money Maker – The Black Keys

Make Love Time – Black Diamond Heavies

Motivation – Tripping Daisy

Cherry Red – Earthless

Your God Can’t Feel My Pain – Low Pop Suicide

I Will Refuse – Pailhead

Your Love – Supergrass

Livin’ Alone – Bizi Gara

Riot In My House – Mark Lanegan Band

Do It Again – Queens Of The Stone Age

The Candy Song – Masters Of Reality

The Great Spelunker – Masters Of Reality

Shotgun Son – Masters Of Reality

Gettin’ High – Masters Of Reality

Ants In The Kitchen – Masters Of Reality

The Ballad Of Jody Frosty – Masters Of Reality

Ember Day/Annihilation Of The Spirit – Masters Of Reality

Worm In The Silk – Masters Of Reality

Deep In The Hole – Masters Of Reality

V.H.V. – Masters Of Reality

John Brown – Masters Of Reality


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