1/12/12: Chris Whitley

I apologize for the lack of playlist posts. Time flies when you are up to your eyeballs in the school year. Really good rock & roll was on the menu as usual tonight. Great songs from artists familiar and unknown straight on through.

The genius of Chris Whitley was the special feature on this episode of the big rock show. Chris Whitley was a modern blues legend He passed away in 2005, leaving behind a prolific legacy of brilliant songs. You gotta make sure to check him out if you’ve never done so before. Here is the Fuzz Factory playlist.

Remember – if you like what you hear, go tell somebody!

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

Radio City Suicide – The Grifters

The Habit – Motorcaster

She’s The Devil In My Head – Ufesas

Illuminated Man – Love Battery

The Gravedigger’s Song – Mark Lanegan Band

Gonna Live – The Ghost Wolves

No Generation – Lions

Set You Free – 1000mods

I’m A Rat – De Staat

Silence – Herzog

Dirt – Death In Vegas

Pieces – Tona

In The Clouds – The Cult

Long Way Around – Chris Whitley

Never – Chris Whitley

Starve To Death – Chris Whitley

Immortal Blues – Chris Whitley

Ball Peen Hammer – Chris Whitley

I Can’t Stand It – Chris Whitley

Home Is Where You Get Across (Live) – Chris Whitley

Phone Call From Leavenworth – Chris Whitley

Ghost Dance – Chris Whitley

Mountain Side – Chris Whitley

Perfect Day – Chris Whitley

The Call Up – Chris Whitley

O God My Heart Is Ready – Chris Whitley

Dust Radio – Chris Whitley

Slow – Reverend Horton Heat *

Gangsters & Pranksters – Pavement *

Pinned Down – The Maharajas

How Do You Sleep? – The Sights

Go Tell Somebody – King’s X

Sea Of Sorrow – Alice In Chains

Can’t Say No – Sweet Water

We’d – Sugartooth

* = listener request


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