9/22/11: Pearl Jam

Listeners of this show know that the 90’s are still alive and well here in the Fuzz Factory.  The music of the 90’s are consistently part of the regular playlists.  And why not, hard rock combined with alternative music in the 90’s and changed rock and roll for the better.  From time to time I will feature a band from the 90’s or celebrate the 90’s in one way or another.

Pearl Jam is the special feature this week, a band from the 90’s that is still going strong.  Last week saw the release of Pearl Jam Twenty, their career spanning documentary, directed by Cameron Crowe.  I went with friends and saw it at the Midtown Arts Theater on it’s one day theatrical release.  Watch it on DVD.  It’s well worth it. Plus I hear there is a lot of extra footage on the DVD.  Pearl Jam has been around for 20 years. As someone who was there from day one – I must admit – it’s almost hard for me to believe. I will speak to this on the air from time to time and especially now since it is the 20th anniversary of so many landmark rock & roll happenings.

I touched on all aspects of their 20 years and played at least one song from every one of their studio releases.  I also received a lot of requests for this show and tried to honor them all.  Here is the playlist.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Another Morning Stoner – …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

Neenah Menasha – Sponge

King Contrary Man – The Cult

City Of Hate – The Toadies

Epiphany – Bad Religion

Adelante – Che

Stray – Unida

Catamaran – Kyuss

Primitive (The Way I Treat You) – Ambulance LTD

Ignoreland – The Forms

The Ragtime Castratos – Menthol

Saint – Catherine

Go – Pearl Jam

Hail, Hail – Pearl Jam

No Way – Pearl Jam

Why Go – Pearl Jam

Rats – Pearl Jam

Whipping – Pearl Jam

Smile – Pearl Jam

Peace And Love – Neil Young w/Pearl Jam

Nothing As It Seems – Pearl Jam

Dead Man – Pearl Jam

All Or None – Pearl Jam

Crazy Mary – Pearl Jam *

Black – Pearl Jam (live, acoustic) *

Brain Of J. – Pearl Jam

Breakerfall – Pearl Jam

Gonna See My Friend – Pearl Jam

Life Wasted – Pearl Jam

I Got Id – Pearl Jam

Cropduster – Pearl Jam

Your Savior – Temple Of The Dog

This Is Shangrila – Mother Love Bone

Crown Of Thorns – Pearl Jam (live)

Breath – Pearl Jam

Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town – Pearl Jam *

Even Flow – Pearl Jam

All Those Yesterdays – Pearl Jam

* = listener request


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