10/13/11: Screaming Trees

Welcome back to the Factory. The crisp autumn air feels good. The perfect weather for the Fuzz Factory special feature this week, the Screaming Trees. The Screaming Trees are a band that I never tire of, even after 20 plus years of regular listening. In my book, that is the definition of an all-time favorite. Formed in the mid-80’s in central Washington, the Screaming Trees featured a psychedelic hard rock sound.  I decided to feature the Screaming Trees at this time to coincide with the newly released disc of their final recording sessions from 1999. Therefore, the segment started and ended with new songs from those final Screaming Trees recordings.  I also played something from all seven of their CDs and a couple of B-sides too.

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– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The Sparrow – Mastodon

Mantra – King Of Kings

Solar – Monstro

Copache – Melvins

Backwash – Archers Of Loaf

Some White Blinds – Sleeper Agent

And You Tell Me – Sugar

Whitey’s Theme – Superdrag

Rambo – The Features

Into The Sun – Enemy Love

Melancholia – Down With People

Drug – White Denim

Losing – Sweet Water

Wiseblood – Corrosion Of Conformity

Blew – Nirvana

Black Rose Way – Screaming Trees

Who Lies In Darkness – Screaming Trees

I See Stars – Screaming Trees

Transfiguration – Screaming Trees

Subtle Poison – Screaming Trees

E.S.K. – Screaming Trees

No One Knows – Screaming Trees

Alice Said – Screaming Trees

Too Far Away – Screaming Trees

Invisible Lantern – Screaming Trees

The Turning – Screaming Trees

All I Know – Screaming Trees

Last Words – Screaming Trees


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