8/11/11: Love Battery

Welcome to the latest Fuzz Factory playlist post. This week on the Fuzz Factory, I featured Love Battery, a lesser-known 90’s band, and one of my all-time favorites. Love Battery was an unusual band that came out of the late 80’s/early ’90s Seattle music scene. I love Love Battery, and I think you should too. Love Battery blend “intense swirling psychedelic guitar work, pulsating rhythms, driving beats and heartfelt vocals derived from ’60s garage/psych, ’70s punk rock, ’80s post punk.” I like their quirky lyrics as well. I also played a song from Down With People, the new band from Ron Nine, vocalist and lyricist of Love Battery.

Don’t forget to tune into the show this week. This Thursday night will be the first ever Fuzz Factory Punk Show. All kids of punk rock all night long. You don’t wanna miss that.  It all starts this Thursday at 8 PM (EST).

Here is your latest Fuzz Factory playlist. Heavy on the psychedelics.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Travelin’ Man’s Blues – Nebula

Catfish 2 Boogaloo – The Sheepdogs

You’ve Got A Limit – The Mutts

The Way It’s Meant To Be – The Greenhornes

Lost – Amplified Heat

Nightride – The Legendary Shack Shakers *

The Meat Man – The Jim Jones Revue

Faulty Times – Black Mountain

Bess – Voyager One

Overfloater – Soundgarden

Paladin’s Last Stand – The Black Angels

Paths Of Glory – Faith No More

Fuzz Factory – Love Battery

Dead Boys – Love Battery

Float – Love Battery

67 – Love Battery

Dayglo – Love Battery

Straight Freak Show – Love Battery

Suspended Animation – Down With People

Between The Eyes – Love Battery

Half Past You – Love Battery

Mouthful Of Air – Catherine Wheel

Nietzche – The Dandy Warhols

You Have Been Disconnected – The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Help You Out (Extended Version) – The Go

Party Hard – Pulp

Nail In My Coffin – The Kills

The Lovely People – Sabrosa Purr

Emit Remmus – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Patient Sparrow – The Black Hollies

To Be Where There’s Life – Oasis

The Mothership Has Landed – System 13

* = listener request


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