5/5/11: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Many busy days and busy nights.  I’ve been working 7 days a week lately folks. Yes, the usual grading, but also Beyond the Dot, thesis committee and graduate reviews. That’s mucho mucho responsibilities if you ask me. That’s also a reminder of why I do this show.  It’s 2-3 hours a week of pure enjoyment and a break from actual work. It’s like a release from reality – one I hope fans of rock & roll music understand and enjoy.

Beyond The Dot is the School of Foundations Studies student exhibition. Make sure you check it out on floor 4C.  The awards ceremony is Friday 5/13 from 5-7 PM. Come on by.

The Fuzz Factory had two requests this evening. One came from a listener in St. Louis wanting to hear a Fuzz staple, Queens of the Stone Age. I honored that request with Mexicola, my unofficial Cinco de Mayo anthem. The other request from Indianapolis for some American Analog Set.

Tonight’s special feature was a band in town just last week. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m talkin’ about the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion! Blues Explosion! The Blues is #1.  Drawing influences like punk, blues, rockabilly, soul and noise rock, this band has always drawn strong opinions from the music lover.  You either got it on the concept and the groove and loved JSBX or you hated them more than just about any other band.  I fall squarely in the first category. I get it. I get it all. It’s all about the groove. Shake it, the Blues is #1. The Blues is #1!

Now here is your playlist for the latest and equally greatest Fuzz Factory program.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

The Dawn Patrol – Ride

Feeling Better – Sugar

Solid – The Atomic Bitchwax

Hurricane Heart Attack – The Warlocks

Scorpio Rising – Death In Vegas

Everybody Knows A Little Bit Of Something – King’s X

You Don’t Understand – House Of Love

Separator – Radiohead

Shark Ridden Waters – Gruff Rhys

Waves – The Twilight Singers

Bellbottoms – The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Get Down Lover – The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Wail – The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

High Gear – The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Right Place, Wrong Time – The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Shhh – The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Give Me A Chance – The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Flavor (Remix Part 1) – The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion w/Beck and Mike D.

Afro – The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Brenda – The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Mexicola – Queens Of The Stone Age *

Folded Leopard Machine – ewewew

Skullbucket – Southern Culture On The Skids

If You Won’t Let Go – The Black Hollies

I Love Rock & Roll – The Jesus & Mary Chain

Fleur de Lys – Juliana Hatfield

I Will Possess Your Heart – Death Cab For Cutie

Sharp Briar – The American Analog Set *

Mirror People – Love And Rockets

I Will Refuse – Pailhead

Even Deeper – Nine Inch Nails

Peace Attack – Sonic Youth

* = listener request


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