2/24/11: Best of the 90’s (Part 4)

This was it.  The month long celebration of the 90’s came to a close this week. So sad it’s over. You know if I planned things out a little better I might have picked a month with 5 Thursdays.

This weeks playlist was the most difficult to put together. I made a master file folder of “must plays” and end up with well over 100 songs. What you have here is what was chosen from this folder.  I guess you could call them “must must haves.”  Look for the rest of these selections on future Fuzz Factory shows or on future 90’s specials.  You know they’ll be more.

This month we had more listener requests than ever before.  My audience has their 90’s favorites and because of the fluid playlist I was able to fulfill almost every request. Tonight we had a request from Pittsburgh and Los Angeles for Blind Melon, we had a requests from Atlanta for Soundgarden and 4 Non Blondes (I had the 4 Non Blondes, yo).  The Fuzz Factory also had a request from Savannah for some Rage Against The Machine.  It was all good.

Hope you liked what you heard.  Here is your Fuzz Factory 90’s rock playlist. The final edition (for now). Don’t forget to listen to the Fuzz Factory, every Thursday night from 8-10 PM (EST).  It makes for a pleasant evening.

You’re in the Fuzz Factory.  If it’s too loud, ah… you know the rest.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Jurassitol – Filter

Tristessa – Smashing Pumpkins

Slow Emotion Replay – The The

In The Meantime – Spacehog

Pretty Tied Up – Guns N’ Roses

Feed Yourself – Sweet Water

Sick And Tired – Everclear

Evidence – Faith No More

Snakecharmer – Rage Against The Machine *

Sex On Wheelz – My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult

Train – 4 Non Blondes *

Over The Electric Grapevine – Primus

Toes Across The Floor/Walk – Blind Melon *

Drown – Son Volt

Connection – Elastica

Song 2 – Blur

Flavor, Pt. 1 – The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (w/Beck and Mike D.)

Mixed Bizness – Beck

All Wrong – Morphine

Working For The Man – PJ Harvey

Uncovered – Soundgarden *

Blue – Eve’s Plum

I See – Letters To Cleo

It Makes No Difference – The Darling Buds

Volcano Girls – Veruca Salt

Happy With Myself – Over The Rhine

Underwhelmed – Sloan

Leave Home – The Chemical Brothers

On A Plain – Nirvana

* = listener request


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