2/17/11: Best of the 90’s (Part 3)

This week we continued to be all 90’s all the time.  Paring down the songs to play is no easy task.  It’s usually a mixture of all time favorite songs, all time favorite artists, deep tracks, b-sides and the extremely rare or unknown.  A few of each, and the playlist is complete.  The tough part is deciding which few because I much to choose from.  I turned 21 in 1990 (you do the math) and therefore lived and breathed most every rock and roll related moment of that decade.  Basically, the 90’s are my wheelhouse.  I could do a permanent 90’s Fuzz Factory and not repeat a song for months on end.

The 90’s show has continued to be popular with listener requests.  Tonight we had a request from Pittsburgh for Mother Love Bone, we had a requests from Atlanta for Mudhoney and L7.  Some Satchel was played for a listener in Indianapolis.  The Fuzz Factory continues to go nationwide.

Hope you liked what you heard.  If you missed out, tune in for the final all 90’s Fuzz Factory next week.  But no worries, I play plenty of 90’s rock on a regular basis. Come on over to my way of thinking. Listen to the Fuzz Factory, every Thursday night from 8-10 PM (EST).

You’re in the Fuzz Factory.  Welcome to the subbacultcha… you know when you grope for luna.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Soul Typecast – The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Stagnation – Truck Stop Love

So Easy – The Candyskins

Danger: Rock Science! – Menthol

Bethlehem Steel – Grant Lee Buffalo

Down In Flames – Semisonic

Degenerate – The Jesus And Mary Chain

If I – Jen Trynin

Dun Ringill – Animal Bag

Right Turn – Alice In Chains (Alice Mudgarden)

Cursed Female – Porno For Pyros

Is It Too Late? – World Party

Crown Of Thorns – Mother Love Bone *

Nehru Jacket – Love Battery

Zodiac Sign – Imperial Drag

She Got Me (When She Got Her Dress On) – Masters Of Reality

I Have To Laugh – Mudhoney *

If Only – Queens Of The Stone Age

E.S.K. – Screaming Trees

Daylight – Mike Errico

The Letter – Soulvitamins

Don’t Make Me Dream About You – Chris Isaak

Boom Swagger Boom – The Murder City Devils

Rules – Buffalo Tom

Monster – L7 *

When I Was A Painter – The Breeders

Equilibrium – Satchel *

Subbacultcha – Pixies

* = listener request


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