2/10/11: Best of the 90’s (Part 2)

This week was Part 2 of the ALL 90’s Fuzz Factory!  This month it is all 90’s all the time.  John Bennett of SCAD-Radio in Savannah was slated to be my guest host for this night.  Unfortunately John’s arrival was delayed due to car trouble thus limiting this meeting of the musical minds to a final few songs of the evening.  John’s selections are indicated with an asterisk.

The 90’s show has continued to be popular with listener requests.  The show had requests from Atlanta and Los Angeles.

This show featured two songs using velvet as an adjective in the title.  This was not intentional.  So, here it is – the playlist for the Fuzz Factory Best of the 90’s – Part 2.

Just like velvet…or Velveeta.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Dead Red Eyes – Archers Of Loaf

Going, Going, Gone – The Posies

Wooden Jesus – Temple Of The Dog

Tahitian Moon – Porno For Pyros

Ride The Cliché – Stone Temple Pilots

Los Vargos – Green Apple Quickstep

Grow Your Own – Darlahood

The Biggest Killer In American History – Bad Religion

Detonation Boulevard – Sisters Of Mercy

Tongue – Butthole Surfers

Bar-X-The Rocking M – Melvins

Bury Me – Smashing Pumpkins

Velvet Dog – Sister Psychic

Señor Limpio – Corrosion Of Conformity

Trompe Le Monde – Pixies

Feel The Pain – Dinosaur Jr.

Velvet Roof – Buffalo Tom

Whitewater – Kyuss

Regal Begal – Fu Manchu

Sugarcube – Yo La Tengo

Till You’re High – Billionaire

Heavy – Collective Soul

The World Around Me – King’s X

Drawing Flies – Soundgarden

W. M. A. – Pearl Jam

Top Pocket Man – Chavez *

Hot Metal Dobermans – Brainiac *

Borateen – Self *

What Girls Want – Material Issue

* = listener request


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