1/27/11: Best of the Decade (Part 4)

Gonna grade a lot of schoolwork this weekend.  Gonna see some good art as well.  I hope I have the opportunity to create some art this weekend too.  Art studio…it’s been a while.

Here it is.  The final installment in the Fuzz Factory Best of the Decade series.  So much good stuff to choose from.  Look at the list and see what you heard or missed.

Tune in next month for 90’s music.  The Fuzz Factory will be featuring 90’s rock every show in February.  As always, the Fuzz Factory is Thursday nights from 8-10 PM (EST).

Rock and roll over.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Captain Lovestar – Brant Bjork

Drop It Down – Brad

10 A.M. Automatic – The Black Keys

300 M.P.H. Torrential Outpour Blues – The White Stripes

Wear You Out – TV On The Radio

Where I End And You Begin – Radiohead

The Future Is Obsolete – Voyager One

Seize The Day – Adam Franklin

Cherry Blossom Girl – Air

Golden Retriever – Super Furry Animals

Hard As A Stone – A-CAMP

Who Fingered Rock & Roll? – Cornershop

Riverside – 34 Satellite

A Heart Without Home – The Hellacopters

Dancers At The End Of Time – Howlin’ Rain

Between The Lines – Stone Temple Pilots

Tell The Lie – The BellRays

From The Devil Himself – Viva Voce

Merry-Go Round – Cobra Killer

Music Is My Radar – Blur

Deja Vu Ultraman – Stagger Stagger Crawl

Little Miss Chocolate Syrup – The Dirtbombs

Scumbag Blues – Them Crooked Vultures

Time Machine – Thumlock

Outtathaway – The Vines

Thanks Anyway – Black Nasa

Funeral Bell – Black Label Society

Black Grease – The Black Angels

Wucan – Black Mountain

3 Birds – The Dead Weather

Black River Killer – Blitzen Trapper

What Needs Must Be – Dead Meadow


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