9/30/10: Mark Lanegan

Once again, a little late on the playlist post.  All I will say is that when the school year hits, it hits hard!  I am sure we can all agree upon that.

This week – the special feature* was the greatest vocalist in the world, Mark Lanegan.  Many of you may be familiar with his smoky baritone from his days with the Screaming Trees. Others may be more familiar with his stellar solo career. Other still may even know Lanegan from his many guest vocal appearances with other acts, such as the Twilight Singers and Queens of the Stone Age.  This weeks show touches on all aspects of his career, including his most current collaboration with Isobel Campbell.

Lanegan was once the delinquent quarterback of his high school football team.  Just thought that was interesting.

Hope you enjoyed the show.

– – – – – – – – – – –

I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor – Arctic Monkeys

Cat Claw – The Kills

Born In A Haunted Barn – The Dirtbombs

Etherel Blue – Thumlock

Got Hates A Coward – Tomahawk

Waiting Room – Fugazi

Vinegar Fly – Sunride

Black Rain – Soundgarden

What’s This Generation Coming To? – Urge Overkill

Wilderness Heart – Black Mountain

Steam Powered Man – The Velcro Lewis Group

Isolation – Heavy Trash

Make My Mind – Screaming Trees *

Head – Mark Lanegan *

Seven Stories Underground – The Gutter Twins *

Revival – Soulsavers *

Deus Ibi Est – Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan *

Seeing And Believing – Screaming Trees *

Bed Of Roses – Screaming Trees *

Message To Mine – Mark Lanegan *

Carnival – Mark Lanegan *

Mockingbirds – Mark Lanegan *

Flashback – The Twilight Singers *

Honey Child What Can I Do? – Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan *

Sleep With Me/Sleep With Me (Instrumental Version) – Mark Lanegan *

Invisible Lantern – Screaming Trees *

Butterfly – Screaming Trees *

Time Of The Season – Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan *

Shiloh Town – Mark Lanegan *

In The Fade – Queens Of The Stone Age *

All I Know – Screaming Trees *

Wedding Dress – Mark Lanegan *

One Way Street – Mark Lanegan *

Strange Religion – Mark Lanegan *

Working Class Hero – Screaming Trees *

Gospel Plow – Screaming Trees *


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